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The Icon Bar: News and features: SIMON's HeadTurner

SIMON's HeadTurner

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 21:32, 13/6/2005 | , , , , , ,
HeadTurnedNot quite sure who SIMON is, but he/she/they/it are apparently all about pushing RISC OS graphics forward - and about time too, you might think. The first fruit of this labour is the HeadTurner, an app to rotate the screen on an A9 machine by 90° so that you get portraity goodness for all your porndocument viewing needs.

This might sound a bit familar - it's something that Geminus does for the IYONIX, not to mention the very Tablet PC I'm writing this article on, so it's hardly unique. However, it's good to see that support for the A9 range is at least keeping up with current trends, and who knows, perhaps SIMON spells good things to come for the RISC OS market.

Link: Press release

  SIMON's HeadTurner
  Q (21:58 13/6/2005)
  rich (22:14 13/6/2005)
    Revin Kevin (22:37 13/6/2005)
      sa110_mk (23:46 13/6/2005)
        ad (23:57 13/6/2005)
          Q (00:10 14/6/2005)
John Cartmell Message #93677, posted by Q at 21:58, 13/6/2005
Posts: 37
It looks as if SIMON might also have had a hand in the A5 "proof of concept" computer that appeared a year ago. That machine included the same(?) rotate option for RISC OS (picture in Qercus 272 p 26) - did Icon Bar cover that release?

If anyone wants to see HeadTurner in action we have a promise from Advantage Six that they will include HeadTurner in their A9home presentation at RONWUG this Wednesday. There are no entry charges for visiters so if you can make South Manchester on Wednesday evening you're welcome to see the A9 - and HeadTurner - in action.

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Richard Goodwin Message #93678, posted by rich at 22:14, 13/6/2005, in reply to message #93677
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
Don't think we've covered it in depth, although it's in the show report photos. However, that mentions VirtualRPC, which could imply it's tapping in to the host machine's capabilities; this is all native.

It'd be good to see it "in the flesh" so to speak.

Oh, plus, the one LCD monitor I have has a rotate ability, which means yet another reason to stump up for an A9home. Damn you Advantage Six! I'm trying to save money!

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Kevin Wells Message #93679, posted by Revin Kevin at 22:37, 13/6/2005, in reply to message #93678
Posts: 644
Sell one of your kidneys :)

Look at it this way if you die in debt that means your ahead of the game, if you die in credit some one else would enjoy your hard work.

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Paul Stewart Message #93680, posted by sa110_mk at 23:46, 13/6/2005, in reply to message #93679
Posts: 144
HeadTurner would make a nice addition to my A9, only problem is the 19"LCD I bought last December isn't one of them portrait type.
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Andrew Duffell Message #93681, posted by ad at 23:57, 13/6/2005, in reply to message #93680

Posts: 3262
Might headturner be something to do with this module that we found at wakefield?
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John Cartmell Message #93682, posted by Q at 00:10, 14/6/2005, in reply to message #93681
Posts: 37
Reportedly (well I reported it! ;-) the SIMON team were behind the graphics acceleration seen on a RiscPC at the SE Show and some of the same on the A9 as released at the Wakefield Club 2 weeks ago. At that time it wasn't clear whether there would be any acceleration in the beta version of the A9 that software developers have now - but there would be some in the retail version. What we were expecting was more acceleration made available for the A9 by the SIMON group as third party developers - and at a later date. This particular release comes out of the blue. But it's a very welcome indicator that there may well be more to come! ;-)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: SIMON's HeadTurner