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The Icon Bar: News and features: Software showcase

Software showcase

Posted by Phil Mellor on 19:54, 19/1/2004 | , ,
ProgramsA roundup of the latest software developments...

EnVision Software has released version 2 of the currency support tool for its personal accounting package. EnCurr allows exchange rates to be specified between any two currencies, not just between currency and a base.

A couple of Bazleys have released updates to AntiSpam and Star Fighter 3000, fixing drag-and-drop loading and Iyonix full screen modes respectively. 7thsoftware's DoTxtSeek allows Bazley H's Textseek search window to be opened from the command line or by a keypress. Some of 7thsoftware's other proggies (VCache and Routines)have also been updated.

MakeKISS 3.00 can be downloaded from Nick Roberts' web site. It's a development program for the KISS paper doll game suite, and is the final component to be made 32 bit savvy. It's less about paper dolls and more about plastic macs and raincoats, if you ask me.

Image cataloguing application ThumbCat also reaches version 3.00, and has a whole bunch of updates and new features: it's faster, has improved note and tag handling, data copying, external image linking, multitasking slideshows and detail views.

It's becoming easier for you to print all those pictures thanks to two developers: You can use a HP Deskjet 5650, thanks to Jonathan Briggs' RISC OS driver which works with the parallel port and Simtec's USB card. Meanwhile MW Software's GemPrint project takes a step closer to fruition with the completion of the GPDriver software. This is the back end to the Printers application, so the main technical parts are complete. Martin is now working on the configuration and advanced options, and completing the user documentation.

  Software showcase
  (17:49 20/1/2004)
  rich (08:10 21/1/2004)
    Default (00:11 22/1/2004)
Chris Bazley Message #92745, posted at 17:49, 20/1/2004
Unregistered user I never object to free publicity, but shouldn't games news (however slight) appear on Acorn Arcade instead of The Icon Bar. It's just that AA has been looking a bit bare recently.
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Richard Goodwin Message #92746, posted by rich at 08:10, 21/1/2004, in reply to message #92745
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
At least here it might have a chance of getting read ;)
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Default Message #92747, posted at 00:11, 22/1/2004, in reply to message #92746
Unregistered user Some links to the software would be nice too :-)

Nice work everyone

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Software showcase