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The Icon Bar: News and features: South-West Show 2020 Report

South-West Show 2020 Report

Posted by Mark Stephens on 16:35, 22/2/2020 |
The South-West Show took place at it new regular home on a wet, but bright saturday. It was the most positive and exciting show for a long time with lots to see and do. For the first time it was even streamed live on the Internet (but still much more exciting to be there). Here is what I saw wandering around the stands.
Wifi Sheep were streaming the event and had an area roped off to record interviews. There will be lots of video content from the show on their youtube channel.
ROOL had their range of software, books, and also some nice shirts and other kit. They are working towards a 5.28 release in 2020 which will support the Pi4 and roll in all the new updates. Older users have not been forgotten with stability improvements for OMAP3 platforms. There will probably be an update to the RISC OS 5 user guide to cover all the new features and enhancements. As always, you can help to make it happen with your time and money.
ROUGOL were promoting the London based user group (which has a new meeting home just round the corner from Waterloo station). They were also telling everyone about the London Show in October.
There was a new release of !Organiser 2.29 which updates the supported vCal version from 2.1 to 3.0 and has lots of enhancements to the Address book. We will be reviewing in the near future.
Steve Fryatt had his full range of free software (available on CD to raise money for charity). He was previewing a new version of Launcher which will hopefully be released at Wakefield.
RISCOS bits had a range of Pi cases, including a very nice Oak case. They had some really nice ARMbook stickers (I have already upgraded my 16 inch MacBook Pro) ad their range of cunningly named add ons and enhancements.
It was a real pleasure to see Martin back (bow tie as usual) with the mw-software stand. He was showing off the full range of software with !Artworks and !TechWriter on display. A chance to upgrade to the latest version if you did not have it yet.
On SROUG stand Andrew (not on cjemicros duties today) was showing off lots of hardware projects including traffic lights run by the Pi, sound card for the Pi zero and RISC OS drivers for some power control plugs.
Chris Hall had a Pi4 running RISC OS 5 on his stand along with his updated version of the Impression manual and his other software and hardware projects. He will be adding the Pi4 figures to the benchmarks summary on his website soon.
AMCS now have their music hardware solution readily available and you can buy the hardware direct from them.
Rob Coleman was demonstrating work on networking for Doom and there were some really nice demos using BBC machines and the Tube interface to play video and push the BBC way beyond its original capabilities.
John Norris was onhand to show RISC OS software to learn the art of Bell ringing & Tasty Treats had their usual range of delicious jams.
Amcog Games had their full range of games and the latest edition on sale. Scuba Hunter is best described as Repton underwater, with a scuba diver in an underwater maze.
Cameron Cawley was showing off how work on getting ScummVM running on RISC OS. This allows lots of games to be used. The port is available on the ScummVM website. He has just got SDL and ResidualVM up and running.
DynaByte software had a challenging quiz question running under BASIC.
Adrian Lees was showing off progress on Geminus and Evince. He had windows flying around very slickly on his RISC OS machines, with the enhanced hardware acceleration available. There is a mailing list if you want to sign up for news and become a tester.
R-Comp had their full range of hardware and software, so you could try their new ARMbook, or any other machines. There were the usual special offers on software pricing.
Drag'nDrop had the latest edition of the magazine on sale today. Chris is working on an update for the BBC games CD and there will be a new Wimp programming CD sometime in 20202.
Soft Rock software and the last of their Pi RiscPC cases and the full range of software to buy.
Richard Brown was showing off the RISC OS Direct build and fielding lots of questions on Browser and RISC OS Developments. With his Orpheus hat on, he can now offer you fibre speed if your local phone network can handle it.
Richard Keefe has completed all the features for Impression shown at the London Show and will be releasing it next week.
Overall, a great day out with lots to see, try and buy.
  South-West Show 2020 Report
  mavison (21:23 22/2/2020)
Martin Avison Message #124733, posted by mavison at 21:23, 22/2/2020
Posts: 4
Just to remove some confusion, !Organiser 2.29 does not update the supported vCal version from 2.1 to 3.0, but the vCard version, which is used for the exchange of addresses with other programs.

The use of vCal (or iCal or vCalendar) has also had some changes, but that is used for Diary exchanges.

As someone who could not be there this year, thanks to Mark for his usual rapid reports.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: South-West Show 2020 Report