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The Icon Bar: News and features: South-West Show 2020 talks

South-West Show 2020 talks

Posted by Mark Stephens on 15:45, 22/2/2020 |
Here are my notes from the talks. As usual all errors or omissions are mine. 

RISC OS Developments
Richard talked about the new bundled version of RISC OS designed to make it appealing to new users. Came out of discussion with Wifi Sheep.
Richard showed off the RISC OS Development build, which he will be talking about at 2 upcoming Pi jams and giving away free on an 8 gig SD card. This is not a fork but an enhanced version with lots of extra software setup to be as easy to use as possible. It includes lots of additional software, including Python. Includes !Otter as a web browser until Iris is available.
The full release will also be available as a download for free from the RISC OS Developments website in the very near future. This is very much a first release which will see lots of refinements and updates in the near future.
Tom will be producing lots of youtube videos showing how to use the software and managing user expectations.
Andrew started with update on Iris web browser. This is built on webkit. A new release was sent to the RISC OS Developments shareholders this week (I have tried it, it is very usable now and IconBar will be publishing a review soon). Iris can now be configured to pretend to be different devices such as iPad.
Andrew showed it running on RISC OS (ARMX6 for demo purposes). Windows can now be resized. His favourite website for testing is the BBC website because all images are loaded with complex JavaScript. Scrollwheel now scrolls. Tabs work nicely. Andrews has also been using it on Lloyds Bank website and Amazon without issue. Looks of new user features like ctrl+f for search on the page, hotlist, favourites, etc.
Internally developed software to make RISC OS memory look like Linux as webkit was designed for that platform.
Version shown has been made available to RISC OS shareholders now. Dates for more general releases still to be confirmed.
OWB development is also ongoing. It is faster but not as cutting edge.
Andrew also mentioned RISC OS developments support for getting Python3 on RISC OS.Now alpha release and on RISC OS Direct build.
Summary of R-Comp developments in last year. Big new item is the ARMbook laptop. Comparable performance to ARMX6/PI3 and battery should last all day. Lockscreen is also available separately for other machines.
Work for wifi and external HDMI for PineBook is ongoing.
In last 12 months, update for !FireWorkz, !Netfetch and !Messenger
Now in the run-up to RISC OS 5.28.
New edition of User Guide planned for 5.28
Work still going on to get RISC OS on Pi4. Lack of documentation has meant lots of extra work. USB close and ethernet still needs to be done. Aim to include Pi4 in 5.28 release. Anyone want to write an ethernet driver to help?
New release of DDE with support for modern ARM platforms.
New developer kickstart. If you tell ROOL your skills and interests, they may give you a copy of the NutPi DDE.
Bounties continue to bring in new features. Steve talked about the new Clipboard support.
There are still lots of bounties seeking your cash to improve netoworking. USB stack is waiting to be claimed.
Improvements to !Paint are 80% done and work is ongoing on Filing system improvements and PNG export. Beta testers are actively being sought.
Stephan Frohling
Stephan showed Chat Cube which is a messaging system he has been developing since October. Originally for RISC OS users, the plan is to interface with other messaging platforms and add additional features. ChatCube is first of several planned RISC OS projects. You can download it from Cloverleaf website.
As well as text you can also send images and files.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: South-West Show 2020 talks