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The Icon Bar: News and features: Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.30

Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.30

Posted by Mark Stephens on 19:55, 28/4/2024 |

It has been a little while (4 years or so) since we last updated our systems to a stable release. So here what I did on my Titanium which is running RISC OS 5.28

BEFORE you start
Are you sure you can use the generic RISC OS ROOL ROMs??? Some systems (like my lovely  FAST system from RISCOSbits) have a custom build at present so you will need to wait for their updated version. Trying to update your system using the ROOL ROM will break it. If in ANY doubt, check with your supplier first.

BACKUP your critical data
There is always a risk that the installation could cause errors. So BACKUP any thing which is important to you first.

Update the Disc contents
1. Download the HardDisc4.zip file onto your RISC OS machine.
2. Open the file and run the Obey file InSituBootUpdate. You can also copy the contents directly but may lose some of your custom settings. Any time you see a text file called ReadMe, read it before you do anything.


1. Download the RISC OS 5.30 stable ROM (you do not need the complete SD card image just the ROM) from the Download page. I am using a Titanium, 

2. Different builds will have different instructions. The Titanium allows a Soft load or a Flash. If you are nervous, use the soft load.

If you are happy to use the Flash version it is fully documented. You cannot run it directly from the zip


This is what success looks like

3. Reboot
If all is successful, you should see this 

Useful links
There is a very helpful guide on upgrading.

If you have any tips or suggestions, please comment below....

  Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.30
  riscosbits (20:12 28/4/2024)
  arawnsley (00:18 30/4/2024)
RISCOS Bits Message #125624, posted by riscosbits at 20:12, 28/4/2024
Posts: 30
For users of RISCOSFAST, please DO NOT ATTEMPT this upgrade.

Now 5.30 is out in the wild, we'll do some work on upgrading FAST to the latest version of RISC OS as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye on your mailboxes for further details in the coming days.
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Andrew Rawnsley Message #125625, posted by arawnsley at 00:18, 30/4/2024, in reply to message #125624
R-Comp chap
Posts: 595
I'd recommend uninstalling RISC OS Developments' TCP/IP stack before upgrading, and reinstalling after - both can be done via the included installer.

Since v7.06 was released on Friday (with Wifi support) this shouldn't be too arduous.

Pinboard 2 may need to be re-applied too, after upgrading.

Basically the install scripts for 5.30 don't seem to be aware that you might have installed these things, and will therefore replace things without checking first. Easiest to re-install afterwards.

[Edited by arawnsley at 13:27, 4/5/2024]
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.30