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The Icon Bar: News and features: Windfall Engineering to close

Windfall Engineering to close

Posted by fwibbler on 18:58, 19/2/2004 | , , ,
Hot on the heels of Microbits departure from the land of RISC OS comes the news that Windfall Engineering (makers of the Viewfinder Graphics card) is to close.

However, unfortunate as this news is, they have decided to give RISC OS a final parting gift.
The Viewfinder graphics card has been reduced by about £33 until the actual closure on 22nd March 2004 (orders must be received by 15th march 2004)
Thus the prices for Viewfinders are as follows:

  • 128mb Radeon 9200 Viewfinders = £168
  • 64mb Radeon 7000 Viewfinders = £135
All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery
(Prices obtained from The Universal Currency converter.)

See the Windfall Engineering website for further details.

  Windfall Engineering to close
  peter (10:53 20/2/2004)
  martin (10:45 21/2/2004)
Peter Darnell Message #92778, posted by peter at 10:53, 20/2/2004
Posts: 25
VFinder was the best upgrade I made for my Risc PC.
the latest card can do 2048 x 1536 in 16 million colours must get a bigger monitor.
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martin hansen Message #92779, posted by martin at 10:45, 21/2/2004, in reply to message #92778
Posts: 17
February can be a dodgy time for business. The Christmas rush is gone, and the January sales over.
If you are smart you plan to wind up a business if you don't think it's worth the long haul through the Winter. You enjoy Christmas and the January Sales and then have a closing down Sale before taking a long holiday on the exiting boost in revenue. I think both MicroBits and Windfall have planned their exits well. Unlike Acorn in 1998 who pulled the plug three months before Christmas having hyped the RiscPC II to the max over the preceeding year...
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Windfall Engineering to close