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The Icon Bar: News and features: asylum.acornarcade.com launched

asylum.acornarcade.com launched

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 23:05, 11/12/2002 | ,
Acorn Arcade's latest hosted site, asylum.acornarcade.com has now launched. Head there now for all the latest news and downloads for the games Asylum and Oddball, which were written by Andy Southgate in '94 and '95 respectively.

You should be able to find both the demos and full versions available for download, as well as the previously mentioned Asylum editor nobrainer, some obligatory cheats, and lots more besides. Both games have been shown to be StrongARM and RISC OS Select compatible, so what are you waiting for?
  asylum.acornarcade.com launched
  (10:21 12/12/2002)
  Guest (09:57 13/12/2002)
    Jeffrey Lee (12:28 13/12/2002)
Guest Message #87166, posted at 10:21, 12/12/2002
Unregistered user So that's what happened to Andy Southgate!
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Guest Message #87167, posted at 09:57, 13/12/2002, in reply to message #87166
Unregistered user Is it me or did something productive appear out of The Playpen?
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Jeffrey Lee Message #87168, posted at 12:28, 13/12/2002, in reply to message #87167
Unregistered user Hard to believe, isn't it? ;)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: asylum.acornarcade.com launched