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close STDOUT;

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 16:59, 5/7/2004 | , , ,
Shattered CogStu has just emailed to tell us this sad news:
Closure of Stuart Tyrrell Developments.
In order that we can minimise further losses and continue to review the changes which have taken place in the RISC OS market recently, Stuart Tyrrell Developments - the RISC OS retail arm of Advantage Six Ltd - today announce that they will close with immediate effect for a period of seven days.

We will make a further announcement on Tuesday 13th July.

Advantage Six Ltd, our service to OEM customers, all support and warranties remain unaffected.

First real casualty of the Castle/ROL dispute? I've personally had many a quality product from STD over the years, and would be saddened if this is the end.
  close STDOUT;
  ad (17:08 5/7/2004)
  monkeyson2 (17:16 5/7/2004)
    chrisbazley (16:12 8/7/2004)
      Matthew (18:17 8/7/2004)
Andrew Duffell Message #93071, posted by ad at 17:08, 5/7/2004

Posts: 3261
Lets hope that they don't decide not to reopen. :|
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Phil Mellor Message #93072, posted by monkeyson2 at 17:16, 5/7/2004, in reply to message #93071
monkeyson2Please don't let them make me be a monkey butler

Posts: 12380
This is sad news for Stuart and the platform. Castle may not have wanted to harm third party developers, but it's painfully obvious now that they are.

Hopefully Castle and ROL will take notice and get it sorted - but there's only so long a business can continue without its main source of income.

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Message #93073, posted by chrisbazley at 16:12, 8/7/2004, in reply to message #93072
Posts: 58
Shouldn't the headline have been
Or is that needlessly pedantic?
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Matthew Somerville Message #93074, posted by Matthew at 18:17, 8/7/2004, in reply to message #93073

Posts: 520
Surely it depends what language the headline is written in?
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