The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views AMCS free versions are live! New free versions of AMCS (b10082018dt) MIDI/audio sequencer, now available for download from the official website >>> NetSurf or Iconbar? I've been doing some fixes on the CSS over the past few months, but mostly for the embetterment of smartphone usage. So if it looks better, it's probably all down to Netsurf Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign I also noticed this, using an Android 'phone. I think the site is using an old table layout to be RISC OS friendly, but then again so is TIB and we've managed to hack at least some responsive design features in. Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign Gasp, £15,000 would buy you an *awful* lot of time in AWS, Azure, Gandi, or Hetzner, all of which look after the complexities of redundant power and network for you. Want more redundancy? Use more then one provider. Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign Nope, they're using the old highly reliable and traceable phone number with associated address to send blank cheques to. Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign Any chance of a mobile friendly version of the website? Itís almost impossible to read the full announcement on iOS! RISC OS ports website True, but how common was that in app distributions these days? I'm no longer an active risc os user unfortunately (the last time I powered up my RiscPC was to check it all still worked after I removed the leaking CMOS battery), but back when it used to be my main computing system, source usually came in discrete archives, if available at all. RISC OS ports website The big downside however is that none of the downloadable archives I looked at actually contain the source code. RISC OS ports website This is a very good move. I remember when I first discovered Dave McEwan's emulator page was no more, and a lot of the old freeserve or demon TAM month pages have gone the same way. State of RISC OS software I don't look at my site logs (for only the sanitised analysis reports produced by my host.