The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views The environmental cost of software The Zooniverse site hosts lots of projects that use humans to analyse data. There might be something there that interests you. The environmental cost of software Talking of wasted computer power. I enjoy doing two or tree times a week a hard Sudoku and have recently done some Killer Sudoku's (A cross between a standard Sudoku and Kakuro with no numbers pre filled) I wonder if there are any problems that a human can do as well or better than a computer and be beneficial to society, whilst still being interesting enough to provide motivation! South-West Show Q and A Ta. 3 key dates for your diary in 2019 Sorry, I'd just been lazy and not got round ro updating the show website, although the date was already on the ROUGOL site! Yes the next London show will be on Saturday 26th October 2019 South-West Show Q and A Yeah, the way the news articles have been integrated with the forums is a bit quirky. I'll look into it! South-West Show Q and A There's an overview of the forthcoming BCS talk on Eventbrite, but registration is closed: South-West Show Q and A This article doesn't appear in the Recent discussions list, and the News and features category doesn't have the 'Unread article' flag. Wimpslot/RAMdisc Thanks Andrew. Wimpslot/RAMdisc Change your program to use to allocate the memory for your data (code must remain in a WIMP slot). Dynamic areas exist beyond 28MB so can only be used for data when running the CPU in 26 bit mode. Wimpslot/RAMdisc Since it is your own code, it *should* be possible to load it into a dynamic area. Of course, you'll need to look into the PRMs for more info on that - the 3.50 supplement I believe.