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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS Select feature list

RISC OS Select feature list

Posted by RISCOS Ltd on 01:00, 24/5/2001 | , , ,

RISC OS Select Features

  • New version of CDFS with support for RockRidge extensions, Joliet and mixed mode disc reading.
  • Filer has been improved with :
    • indication of shared discs via file icons,
    • refresh option for filer displays,
    • numeric sorting of names,
    • lowercasifying option,
    • optional alternate renaming method,
    • create new directory by click on menu entry,
    • sharing of directories made simpler,
    • easier entry of filenames with spaces - i.e you can now just type <space> in a filename entry rather than <alt><space>.
  • Updates to !ChangeFSI and !Paint to allow importing of PNG files.
  • JPEG export from !Paint
  • System application support for the Universal Clipboard system allowing cutting and pasting between compliant applications.
  • New version of !Printers with support for networked printer drivers.
  • Startup choices to allow user to choose boot device so that booting is possible from CD-ROM, network or hard disc.
  • LanManFS in ROM along with new Internet stack with BootP and DHCP support and updated ShareFS. This will also work with the Appletalk client module which will be available shortly.
  • ROM images larger than 4MB to support everything being in ROM for machines than may require to boot without a hard disc.
  • New configuration applications for fonts, replay, screensetup and filer.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to kernel
  • !Bugz application for easy reporting of faults.
  • ADFSfiler quick format
  • Improved speed of booting over ShareFS
  • New integrated CDPlayer and CDFS Filer
  • Graduated Pinboard backdrop
  • Multi-user choices
  • GZip support in !Squash
  • Improved internet configuration
And many other features that are of interest to programmers such as :-
  • Filer has improved error handling
  • Improved DeviceFS/BufferManager interaction
  • FileSwitch with :
    • Enumerate file handles
    • Fix for upcall on rename in an image filing system
  • !Impression second-ROM bank access fix (would crash on click)
  • Wimp EdgeNotify message
  • Wimp copes with long CLIs to StartTask
  • Shared ZLib and PNG support.
  • Programmers Zip file handling
  • ShareFS now supports EOF
  • MimeMap has :
    • reduced processesing impact
    • caching of matches to improve efficiency
  • SpriteExtend :
    • fixes for 1:2 sampled JPEGs
    • rendering speed improvements
    • Exif support
  • Improved JPEG compression support
  • ClipboardHolder module provides a persistent clipboard
  • Freeway fix for S_0 bug
  • Fix for HeapSort failing near the end of a page
  • All Obey files are now cached. This means that you CANNOT use *Obey Pipe:Gunge if the file is already open.
  • PipeFS speed improvements
  • Taskwindow speed improvements for Upcall handling
  • Sound service handling for external hardware
NB. All the above items are beta releases and may not necessarily be included in the first RISC OS Select ROM release.

Further details and illustrative screen shots will appear on the Select Web Site shortly.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS Select feature list