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The Icon Bar: News and features: Preview - Iron Dignity

Preview - Iron Dignity

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 00:00, 14/11/2001 | , ,
Iron Dignity Logo

Iron Dignity is an action game with an impressive 3D engine and movie cut scenes with real actors. Both a RISC OS and PC version were to be produced, but sadly the PC publishing house originally chosen went bust which has set things back a bit. It does appear to have reached beta test stage on the PC however.

From the official site:

Fast action, tricky tactics...
"Combat Mode!" Iron Dignity combines tricky tactics with fast action and a brilliant 3D engine. The cinema-like storyline, more than 25 missions, and comprehensive multiplayer modes could make Iron Dignity one of the hottest game releases of 2001!
The JARED Engine
Millions of Polygons: Designed on RISC workstations, the JARED engine offers extremely fast performance even on slow computers. The landscape is created using more than 1 million polygons, and due to dynamic polygon reduction, the graphical quality is outstanding even on a TNT 1 graphics card with 16 MB RAM. Further details about the JARED engine will soon be available via a separate link.
Cinema Style
Complex story line. A total of 40 minutes of cutscene video with real actors together with a huge number of engine films make Iron Dignity the multimedia event. In the role of special agent Streak (working for the Economic and Military Alliance) or female agent Moon (working for Great Asia), the player has to prevent a global conflict. Films and game are working hand in hand. A player who is not interested in the films will not have disadvantages in the game, but those who want to understand the whole big plot will enjoy the movie sequences.
Jeeps, Choppers, Team Mates and Stealth Modes...
Versatility. The player drives jeeps, tanks, choppers, amphibic units and even walking vehicles. Accompanied by computer controlled or human team mates, he solves extremely hazardous and politically dangerous missions. During the mission he can switch his vehicle at any time and take over the control of a computer driven team vehicle. Often he can solve the missions by careful exploration of the area, sneaking towards the enemy and a fast and effective attack. Other missions are more fire intensive, and the player has to prove that he has the quickest finger on the trigger.
With the words of Colonel J. Rousseau: "Find out what's going on, but be careful!"


Screenshots taken from the official website, in-game graphics from the PC version.


Medium 640x480, 27KB
Small 400x300, 11KB

Medium 640x480, 27KB
Small 400x300, 11KB

Medium 640x480, 30KB
Small 400x300, 13KB

Medium 640x480, 31KB
Small 400x300, 12KB


Medium 640x480, 35KB
Small 400x300, 13KB

Medium 640x480, 27KB
Small 400x300, 11KB

Medium 640x480, 80KB
Small 400x300, 18KB

Medium 640x480, 76KB
Small 400x300, 18KB

Unit designs also taken from the official site.

Medium 800x600, 27KB
Small 400x300, 10KB

Medium 800x600, 25KB
Small 400x300, 9KB

Medium 800x600, 21KB
Small 400x300, 7KB

Medium 800x600, 28KB
Small 400x300, 11KB


Medium 800x600, 25KB
Small 400x300, 9KB

Medium 800x600, 21KB
Small 400x300, 7KB

Medium 800x600, 20KB
Small 400x300, 7KB

Medium 800x600, 22KB
Small 400x300, 8KB


Medium 800x600, 25KB
Small 400x300, 9KB

Medium 800x600, 24KB
Small 400x300, 8KB

These are taken from the showreel movie, which presumably means the PC version. However, early engine demos on RiscPCs were very impressive also.

Medium 800x600, 51KB
Small 400x300, 16KB

Medium 800x600, 36KB
Small 400x300, 12KB

Medium 800x600, 31KB
Small 400x300, 11KB

Medium 800x600, 46KB
Small 400x300, 14KB


Medium 800x600, 32KB
Small 400x300, 11KB

Medium 800x600, 47KB
Small 400x300, 13KB

Medium 800x600, 44KB
Small 400x300, 13KB

Medium 800x600, 46KB
Small 400x300, 16KB


Official Site: English | German

  Preview - Iron Dignity
  (20:03 12/11/2001)
  Harmsy (17:02 15/11/2001)
    DarkMann (20:15 26/11/2001)
      Gareth Cumella (23:20 26/11/2001)
        Stuart (14:19 4/12/2001)
          Michael Emerton (00:30 12/2/2002)
            Daniel Skinner (23:01 15/2/2002)
              Ketil Kristiansen (05:58 9/3/2002)
                Nick (15:21 19/8/2002)
                  Tim (21:18 1/11/2002)
                    vinchi007 (07:57 13/11/2002)
                      Dave (03:06 4/11/2003)
                        sion (18:30 17/11/2005)
                          SION (18:29 19/11/2005)
Jeffrey Lee Message #87834, posted at 20:03, 12/11/2001
Unregistered user *drools*
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Harmsy Message #87835, posted at 17:02, 15/11/2001, in reply to message #87834
Unregistered user Isn't this due out in January 1999? :-p
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
DarkMann Message #87836, posted at 20:15, 26/11/2001, in reply to message #87835
Unregistered user Still looks great ATM, but will get p***ed all over by Halo & UnrealII on PC
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Gareth Cumella Message #87837, posted at 23:20, 26/11/2001, in reply to message #87836
Unregistered user Looks great! Sounds fantastic! But when is it coming out! Oh by the way, judging by the quality of PC games I have seen, that in the fact that most of them are almost exactly the same, I think ID will beat any game I have seen yet!
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Stuart Message #87838, posted at 14:19, 4/12/2001, in reply to message #87837
Unregistered user Will this work on an A7000?
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Michael Emerton Message #87839, posted at 00:30, 12/2/2002, in reply to message #87838
Unregistered user The Game will be grate, but when are we ever going to see it. If it does come out ill probly buy both versions, and so I am patiently waiting!

Good Luck
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Daniel Skinner Message #87840, posted at 23:01, 15/2/2002, in reply to message #87839
Unregistered user This is looking as if its going to be a "vapour-ware" product, due to the fact it was suppose to ship a year ago, and that was already delayed by 6 months.
Also the publishers of the product dissolved, moving futher on the company that has www.iron-dignity.com ZUXXEZ Entertainment, fails to mention Iorn dignity, And the Website is approaching 1 full year since its last update
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Ketil Kristiansen Message #87841, posted at 05:58, 9/3/2002, in reply to message #87840
Unregistered user Maybe it should be renamed to Karma II... :-(
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Nick Boalch Message #87842, posted by Nick at 15:21, 19/8/2002, in reply to message #87841
Member does Stealth combat by mindscape have anything to do with iron dignity? The screenshots remind me of iron dignity and it uses the jared engine.

the similarities may be because of the engin but i just thought i'd mention it.
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Tim Firmager Message #87843, posted by Tim at 21:18, 1/11/2002, in reply to message #87842
AA refugee
Posts: 2
I know Artex have to deal with the release of Tek, but when oh when will they give us info on Iron Dignity...or maybe even a release date???
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
vinchi007 Message #87844, posted at 07:57, 13/11/2002, in reply to message #87843
Unregistered user I don't know Tim, but I think Nick is right. This looks like Stealth Combat.
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
Dave Sloan Message #87845, posted by Dave at 03:06, 4/11/2003, in reply to message #87844
Posts: 58
Iron Dignity became Stealth Combat and released on the PC in 2002, although I only tracked it down because of of my Acorn memories. Cost 20 quid from Amazon (I think) about August 2003.

The publishers are...


The game has it's own site at...


I was very impressed with the RISCOS demo in the late 1990's, but I don't think the final product is as good visually - having said that it is stunning. Not being much of a game player, I got stuck on the first level and after a Windows reinstall haven't put it back on the machine yet.

  ^[ Log in to reply ]
sion Message #87846, posted at 18:30, 17/11/2005, in reply to message #87845
Unregistered user i take it that this will never be released for the acorn then.
The Demo is brilliant but when will they release the full game.
  ^[ Log in to reply ]
SION Message #87847, posted at 18:29, 19/11/2005, in reply to message #87846
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Preview - Iron Dignity