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The Icon Bar: News and features: MicroDigital Mico Specifications

MicroDigital Mico Specifications

Posted by Foggy on 01:00, 27/5/1999 | , , ,
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Print circuit board:
Multi layer ATX form PCB, 203mm x 185mm
Central Processor Unit:
ARM 7500fe.
Clock speed 56 MHz.
Hardware floating point.
Hardware DMA.
Year 2000 compliant
5MB Flash Memory Operating system + Mico modules.
240 Byte battery backed up CMOS RAM.
Real time clock:
Day, date, month, year.
Time and BST time.
Multiple alarms
Operating System:
Risc OS 4
Hard disc drive management system:
IDEFS 32 bit Hard Disc Management System.
Password protection, protect and unprotect, Read Only, and No Access.
Drive partitioning.
Name disc.
Free space.
32 bit Ultra IDE with data transfer speeds up to 23MB burst
16 bit Audio System:
CD quality 16 bit stereo digital sound system compatible with SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Pro sound systems.
Advance MPC-3 compliant input and output mixer for
2nd internal audio source (e.g. CD ROM).
3D Stereo enhancement
Industry leading data converters(86db FSA).
WaveTable synthesizer.
MIDI controller, Synthesizer engine with built-in Effects processing, RAM and sample ROM.
General MIDI (GM) compliant.
32 note polphony at 44.1KHz.
Independent reverb and chorus levels for each MIDI channel.
Serial MIDI input.
Stereo digital audio output.
3.5mm stereo jack socket capable of driving 32 Ohm headphones.
Internal speaker.
Hard disc drive (Size Optional).
32 speed CD ROM drive (Optional).
640k/800k/1.6 MB 3.5 inch floppy disc drive.
Floppy disc will read DOS 1.44MB, DOS 720K, DOS 1.2MB, dos 360k, Atari 720k, Atari 360k
 I/O ports and interfaces:
2 USB connectors
Parallel printer port 25 pin D connector
Keyboard PS2 interface
Mouse PS2 interface
RS 232 Serial port 9 pin D connector
Monitor output 15 way high density D connector
Games/MIDI interface 25 way D connector
Audio in 3.5mm stereo jack socket
Audio out 3.5mm stereo jack socket
Microphone 3.5mm jack socket
Floppy disc drive 34 way connector supports 2 drives
2 IDE 40 way connectors supports 4 devices
2 EDO RAM SIMM slots for up to 256 MB memory
3 Microbus slots with access to the outside world
1 ISA slot (Note that PC compatible ISA expansion cards need special drivers to work in Mico. The Mico@ includes 56K modem card and drivers. ISDN card and drivers availble as an optional extra)
2 USB connector slots
10Mb ISA Ethernet card (Optional)
100Mb Microbus Ethernet card (Optional)
Video Modes:
640 x 480 24 million colours.
800 x 600 32 thousand colours.
1280 x 1024 256 colours.
105 key PS/2 style, Ecu Ready, colour light grey.
3 button PS/2 style.light grey.
Integrated 145 Watt switch mode power supply.
Switched 110 - 240 Volts AC 50 or 60 Hz.
Full safety and emission approvals
IEC 320 power inlet connector.
Physical dimensions:
Computer housing dimensions width 360mm, depth 420mm, height 115mm.
Keyboard dimensions width 470 mm, depth 195 mm, height adjustable 40 - 55 mm.
Style mini tower
2 piece metal construction with 2 piece plastic facia and blanking plate.
Metal components are either plate or paint finished.
Internal power supply.
3 off 3.5 inch and 2 off 5.25 inch device bays.
Full emission and safety approvals.
Sound Editor, Fireworkz spreadsheet, Writer word processor, Game: Doom, Text Editor, Paint, Draw. Risc OS 4 utilities
BBC Basic
Expansion cards:
56k ISA modem (Optional)
ISDN Microbus Adaptor (Optional)

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The Icon Bar: News and features: MicroDigital Mico Specifications