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The Icon Bar: News and features: News archive: July 1998

News archive: July 1998

Posted by Alasdair Bailey on 00:00, 18/7/1998 | , , ,

New frontend for Acorn Doom (18/7/98)

RCI have released a new frontend for their Doom port which includes easier screen mode selection, and improved network options. The latest release of the network drivers, which are also available on R-Comp's site, are said to work reliably over LANs (Local Area Network) but internet play will probably never work fully due to the internal workings of DOOM. However, serial linkup and modem play may still be possible.
The patch is available for download in the leisure section of R-Comp's website, at: http://www.arsvcs.demon.co.uk/leisure/.

Destiny released (14/7/98)

After being originally promised for the Wakefield show, Destiny has finally been released. Mostly positive comments have started to filter through to the newsgroup, the only major complaint is the use of a key disc, although Robert Templeman did talk about releasing a patch to remove the copy protection a few weeks after release. Expect a full review on this site in the near future.
See our very own Destiny Fan Club for all the latest gossip and some screenshots of the game!

Deth for the Acorn (3/7/98)

Lee Noar, author of Abuse, has now completed a RISC OS version of the popular PC Doom level editor, Deth. The level editor allows the modification of existing levels and as of version 0.05, the creation of levels from scratch. Version 005 also includes several bug fixes, and should work on an A5000.
Download Deth from: http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/leenoar/.
The editor is quite easy to use once you've got to grips with the interface, it is mouse-driven with menus and icon bars but doesn't offer any 3D views of the level under construction so a little switching between it and Doom is often necessary.

Syndicate patch released (3/7/98)

R-Comp Interactive have released a patch for Syndicate which includes a few minor improvements in the speed of loading and data cacheing. They have also fixed a minor bug which affected the game on 8mb machines.
The patch can be downloaded from the leisure downloads section of R-Comp's website, but owners of copies of Syndicate that were shipped after July 1st do not need to download the patch as it has been included.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: News archive: July 1998