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The Icon Bar: The Playpen: I've seen the new Batman film...
  I've seen the new Batman film...
  rich (23:15 23/7/2008)
  [mentat] (17:22 24/7/2008)
Richard Goodwin Message #107892, posted by rich at 23:15, 23/7/2008
The Icon Bar

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<cartman>who wants to touch me?</cartman>

So I just paid well over the odds for the shittest cinema seat I've ever sat in, and having booked on the Internet of course my credit card got eaten by the crappy Cineworld ticket machines. Plus, cinema sound is not geared towards someone sitting right near the front, and off to one side - a problem when you're watching a film with people putting on funny voices. So was it worth it?


And not just because I got one of those cool hologrammy posters where you move it and it's the Batman! No, it's the Joker! No, it's Harvey Dent!

It's a dark, dark movie, although to get the 12A certificate a lot of the violence happens off screen. I think this is more unsettling than splashes of fake blood everywhere, leaving it to your imagination. And yet the Joker's played with such whimsy that you do grin stupidly or laugh out loud as he's about to blow shit up. I don't know if it's Oscar-worthy, but it's nicely pitched. In fact the whole thing has enough twists, turns and things going boom to make you forget the two and a half hour running time.

So yeah, I'm going back when it opens properly, and hopefully I'll get a better seat.
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I don't have tourettes you're just a cun Message #107899, posted by [mentat] at 17:22, 24/7/2008, in reply to message #107892
[mentat]Fear is the mind-killer
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So did you like it? wink
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The Icon Bar: The Playpen: I've seen the new Batman film...