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The Icon Bar: General: looking for RiscPC
  looking for RiscPC
  cybertrophic (13:55 22/12/2008)
  adamr (16:51 22/12/2008)
  brevimanu (13:52 28/12/2008)
Chance Hooper Message #109058, posted by cybertrophic at 13:55, 22/12/2008
Posts: 2

I've always wanted an Archimeded/Risc machine from Acorn and I loved the RiscPC when they came out - the slices were a genius idea and I'd love to get hold of a two or three slice machine - not too fussed about the spec - what would people consider a working minimum? I come from a Unix and Mac background, so have no idea if RiscOS machines need lots of storage, etc - what is a good spec to look at, etc?

Also, considering the last time I was looking at buying an Acorn, I was 14 and they were brand new, what sort of cost am I looking at? And where might I find it? Feel free to send links, etc!


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Adam Message #109059, posted by adamr at 16:51, 22/12/2008, in reply to message #109058
Posts: 112
You can pick up them up on eBay:
I've not looked recently so have no idea what they go for nowadays. You can also buy new RISC OS hardware (an A9Home in beta form) from http://www.cjemicros.co.uk/

If you're going to get a RiscPC (which are over a decade old now!) try and find one with at least RISC OS 4, a StrongARM processor and 2MB VRAM. Regarding storage and RAM - the OS and standard apps require basically nothing in modern terms.

Another option in emulation (either free or commercial).

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john wade Message #109066, posted by brevimanu at 13:52, 28/12/2008, in reply to message #109058
Posts: 26
Hi,go to apdl.co.uk they will fix you up with a risc pc in any configuration you want at a very good price,good luck.
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The Icon Bar: General: looking for RiscPC