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The Icon Bar: General: Cannot copy large amounts of files
  Cannot copy large amounts of files
  nmi (22:16 31/12/2008)
  adrianl (22:50 31/12/2008)
    nmi (10:49 1/1/2009)
      nmi (13:12 1/1/2009)
        tribbles (22:43 1/1/2009)
  adamr (22:22 14/1/2009)
Graham Message #109076, posted by nmi at 22:16, 31/12/2008
Posts: 3
I am having a rather infuriating problem trying to copy a large amount of files/directories from one hard drive to another.

What happens is I copy the folder and it will happily purr away for a short time, then everything stops, no more hard drive activity, the mouse still works but you can't click on anything. The only thing you can do is CTRL-BREAK or power off. As I'm trying to backup a drive it's making what should be a simple process extremely tiresome.

This is currently happening on an A7000 with ROS3.6 but it also happened on a Risc PC.

I've even tried Arc'ing up the files to one compressed file, copy the file and then extract it, but it does the same on extraction. Seems like a bug when handling large amount of small files?

Thanks for any insight.
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Adrian Lees Message #109077, posted by adrianl at 22:50, 31/12/2008, in reply to message #109076
Posts: 1571
It'd be worth telling us what type of interface(s) you're using (internal IDE?) and whether it's the same drive(s) that's given problems on the A7k and RiscPC? Also, you might want to try 'Verify' on the drive menu or


which has a more thorough, but still free, utility for checking the integrity of the data and (indirectly) the hard drive.

From the fact that going via a compressed image caused problems on extraction, I'd suggest checking the target drive first.
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Graham Message #109080, posted by nmi at 10:49, 1/1/2009, in reply to message #109077
Posts: 3
I actually have the full version of DiscKnight somewhere, I could give that a try.

But this is 2 different drives on 2 different types of hardware which makes me inclined to think that its a RiscOS problem. I surely can't be the only one that's run into this?

It doesn't matter whether it's compressed or not, copying large amounts of files from one drive to another causes the lockup.

Sometimes I've found that particular files cause the lockup, so if I try to copy one file from drive A to B then it locks up the machine.


[Edited by nmi at 10:51, 1/1/2009]
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Graham Message #109081, posted by nmi at 13:12, 1/1/2009, in reply to message #109080
Posts: 3
As it happens, I managed to solve the problem by booting to the Supervisor and copying the files manually from there.

I don't believe it's a drive problem at this point.
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Jason Tribbeck Message #109084, posted by tribbles at 22:43, 1/1/2009, in reply to message #109081
Captain Helix

Posts: 929
I know that during FS development, I've had problems with certain files - specifically ones that got loaded at the end of memory, and then my FS trying to copy a bit more than was available.

It's fairly fixable, but if it's the same issue, then it would mean getting in contact with the developer of the FS you're using.
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Adam Message #109132, posted by adamr at 22:22, 14/1/2009, in reply to message #109076
Posts: 112
Did you try:*Configure ADFSBuffers 0?
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The Icon Bar: General: Cannot copy large amounts of files