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The Icon Bar: News and features: Drobe "closes"

Drobe "closes"

Posted by John Hoare on 21:06, 20/9/2009 | , ,
And so farewell to another part of RISC OS; as noted in our forum, longtime RISC OS news and articles website Drobe has closed... or, rather, entered "archive mode". (Note to all other websites: please do this, rather than just disappear, taking your content with you.)
A full announcement is to follow, but it's been clear for a while now that the time to run the website just hasn't been there. Many thanks to Chris Williams, original founder Peter Price, and everyone else involved in Drobe over the years; for all the occasional controversy, Drobe did a fantastic job at covering RISC OS online, comprehensively and intelligently. And that's a harder and more time-consuming job than it looks.
UPDATE @ 22:40: And here is that announcement. Whilst the main news and articles service is ceasing, the plan is to build the site up as a RISC OS resource site; anybody interested in helping with this is encouraged to get in contact. User webspace will also continue, and a new message board is planned. Any future updates to the site will be announced on their new Twitter feed.
  Drobe "closes"
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Steffen Huber Message #111475, posted by hubersn at 11:44, 23/9/2009, in reply to message #111425
Posts: 91
Overall, "not much news" is IMHO not a good reason to close a news portal
In the case of Drobe, it wasn't.
I know, I read your announcement.
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Geoff Lavallin Message #111485, posted by glavallin at 11:55, 25/9/2009, in reply to message #111422
Posts: 44
This news is somewhat of a bodyblow for those with interests in RISCOS but without formal contacts with the rest of the community. I can only hope that either Drobe returns or someone else can take up the mantel.
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Paul Stewart Message #111486, posted by sa110_mk at 16:44, 25/9/2009, in reply to message #111485
Posts: 144
Don't forget there are other sites: -


And, Drobe will still be around for research purposes.
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James Lampard Message #111487, posted by Lampi at 15:25, 26/9/2009, in reply to message #111486

Posts: 190
Don't forget there are other sites: -

Irony alert! Don't you think that someone who is posting on The Icon Bar, knows about its existence?
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Jason Togneri Message #111488, posted by filecore at 16:19, 26/9/2009, in reply to message #111487

Posts: 3867
More of a redundancy alert than an irony alert, but I suppose both work.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Drobe "closes"