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  Unimaginative Title
  swirlythingy (16:46 11/11/2010)
  filecore (19:50 11/11/2010)
  trevj (21:29 11/11/2010)
  swirlythingy (20:24 12/11/2010)
Martin Bazley Message #115861, posted by swirlythingy at 16:46, 11/11/2010

Posts: 460
Weebie woobles.

Hmm, so it's not a universal deficiency, then.

[Edited by swirlythingy at 16:47, 11/11/2010]
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Jason Togneri Message #115862, posted by filecore at 19:50, 11/11/2010, in reply to message #115861

Posts: 3867
[Unimaginative troll to your post.]
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Trevor Johnson Message #115863, posted by trevj at 21:29, 11/11/2010, in reply to message #115861
Posts: 660
"Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!"
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Martin Bazley Message #115867, posted by swirlythingy at 20:24, 12/11/2010, in reply to message #115861

Posts: 460
I was just making sure that the latest development build hadn't lost the ability to submit forms completely. I first suspected that when I discovered that it no longer works with its own bug tracker - which is hopefully an issue which will be fixed fairly soon. The plot thickened when I reproduced exactly the same symptoms on a completely separate site (I won't say which, because if I ever breathed a word of a mere suggestion that I attempted, in all seriousness, to submit a comment to that particular site, I'd be laughed out of the Internet).
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The Icon Bar: Test posts: Unimaginative Title