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The Icon Bar: Games: RTFM Software - Pon / Slappit
  RTFM Software - Pon / Slappit
  sirbod (23:31 25/6/2012)
  sirbod (11:21 18/7/2012)
    sirbod (13:07 30/9/2012)
Jon Abbott Message #120698, posted by sirbod at 23:31, 25/6/2012
Posts: 563
Does anyone have originals of any of the RTFM Software titles that they could image and send to me:

Pon in Winterland

Sector 0 of my copy of Slappit is knackered. I've managed to read it via KryoFlux and reconstruct it, but the protection is failing and it looks like a method ADFFS doesn't currently support anyway. As I can't test the original, I can't be sure without an image to compare.

Instructions on how to image protected floppies with ADFFS are here

EDIT: I've managed to re-write the floppy and now have a working copy. Track 128 has an extended GAP3 and no data.

[Edited by sirbod at 17:24, 17/7/2012]
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Jon Abbott Message #120812, posted by sirbod at 11:21, 18/7/2012, in reply to message #120698
Posts: 563
I spent all of yesterday analysing the disc protection on Slappit.

EDIT: The detail below is in fact the wrong way round, the 1772 is returning the current result. 710/711 chipsets return an incorrect result.

It does a DiscOp 3 to track 128 (64.0) and checks the result. What should return is two sector IDs of 0, 0, 0, 0 (cylinder, head, sector no, sector size) as there's only one sector with an valid ID CRC. Note it's repeated due to the head passing the track ID mark and picking up the first sector ID again.

This behaviour works correctly on the A4000, A7000 and RiscPC, and I expect also works on the A3000 and A5000.

However, a 1772 (eg A3x0, A4x0) returns:

72 x Fuzzy bytes (they change on each read)
Last two bytes of GAP2 and all bytes of track from there, included GAP's, ID's etc.

Consequently, this title and quite possibly other RTFM titles will only work on a physical machine. I'm not aware of any emulator supporting this behaviour, but I am now coding it into ADFFS.

I really need images of the other RTFM discs - someone must have them, that's prepared to spend 10 mins to image it with ADFFS.

[Edited by sirbod at 16:29, 1/10/2012]
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Jon Abbott Message #121138, posted by sirbod at 13:07, 30/9/2012, in reply to message #120812
Posts: 563
I'm starting to code the protection method used by RTFM into ADFFS, if anyone has originals of any of their games beside Slappit, could you drop me an email at: Jon at jaspp dot org dot uk

Games I have documented by RTFM:
Pon in Winterland
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The Icon Bar: Games: RTFM Software - Pon / Slappit