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The Icon Bar: The Playpen: Crashes Civil 3D does that make you cry
  Crashes Civil 3D does that make you cry
  trevj (12:42 12/2/2013)
  sirbod (13:33 12/2/2013)
    trevj (05:46 13/2/2013)
Trevor Johnson Message #121902, posted by trevj at 12:42, 12/2/2013
Posts: 660
Apologies for the juvenile expression of frustration in the attached: that's more than once this morning, and several times during the past week. Hanging on for Autodesk's Service Pack 1. Good job I'm well practised with Ctrl-S!
c3d_combi_crash_80pc.jpg 4997x819 561.9KB
c3d_low_spec.PNG 384x367 13.1KB

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Jon Abbott Message #121903, posted by sirbod at 13:33, 12/2/2013, in reply to message #121902
Posts: 563
As you're running on XP, the problem will most likely be a lack of GDI memory and not AutoDesk. AutoDesk will consume large amounts of GDI, so it's going to run out fairly quickly.

Does the Event log report any Heap allocation or user32.dll errors?

You could try increasing the session memory allocation, by running REGEDIT and adding/modifying the following values:

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\SessionViewSize
Value: 4000000 (this is a hex value)

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\SessionPoolSize
Value: 3000000 (hex value)

From memory the values aren't there on XP, so you'll have to create them. Just delete them to go back to default values.

If you end up playing around with the values, SessionViewSize needs to be higher than SessionPoolSize.

Before you play though, go to a command prompt and do the following:

CD C:\

And check you don't have "/3GB" or "/PAE" anywhere in the file - I doubt you will, unless someone has been playing, but best to double check all the same.

[Edited by sirbod at 13:34, 12/2/2013]
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Trevor Johnson Message #121906, posted by trevj at 05:46, 13/2/2013, in reply to message #121903
Posts: 660
Thanks for the advice. I'll pass it on and see if IT are inclined to do anything.
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The Icon Bar: The Playpen: Crashes Civil 3D does that make you cry