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The Icon Bar: General: HxC Floppy Drive Emulator ???
  HxC Floppy Drive Emulator ???
  Steve101 (20:12 22/3/2014)
  qUE (13:41 23/3/2014)
Steve Slater Message #123157, posted by Steve101 at 20:12, 22/3/2014
Posts: 23

First of all apologies, I seem to be monopolising the forum with my newbie queries! I appreciate the help I've had and patience I've been receiving from a very knowledgeable member base.

Secondly I'm wondering is there an easy way to get data onto my A3000!

I've an internal hard drive in the form of a 1Gb compact flash drive (many thanks to Dave Holden for digging out an older interface which is working perfectly). However, I was thinking I'd be able to use this to transfer data from the t'internet to my PC then onto my A3000 but the PC and Acorn formats seem to be incompatible (bugger!)

I'd really like to know what the best way is to connect my A3000 to the 'real world'. The installed floppy disk works but only for older formats, though I've seen advertised a 'HxC Floppy Drive Emulator', which, if it works, would appear to solve all my problems.

Does anyone have any experience of this (replace my 3.5 inch drive for an SD card replacement, if it works?) or know an any alternative ways of connecting my A3000 to the wider community.

There appears to be loads of incredibly useful data out there, I just don't seem to be able to get access to it other than through the Arcul099 emulator. Seems a shame I have the 'real deal' sitting on my desk but can't fully use it.

Many thanks,

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qUE Message #123158, posted by qUE at 13:41, 23/3/2014, in reply to message #123157

Posts: 184
Cheapest and quickest way to get large amounts of data off/on the internal HDD is, pick up a cheap laptop IDE <> USB adapter, image the drive with DD or another raw disc imager, mount it in RPCemu, copy between image drive and Host FS, then write the image back to the HDD. It's not a "live" or particularly simple method of using the drive, but it works smile

Only thing you may need to do is get something inject a more gutsy 5VDC on the USB adapter since from my experience the standard USB supply on a computer is too weak to power a laptop HDD.

[Edited by qUE at 13:56, 23/3/2014]
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The Icon Bar: General: HxC Floppy Drive Emulator ???