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The Icon Bar: General: Baildon/APDL A3000 interface partitions ......
  Baildon/APDL A3000 interface partitions ......
  asm1 (22:49 26/4/2014)
  PaulV (21:09 4/5/2014)
    asm1 (19:36 6/5/2014)
Andrew Message #123223, posted by asm1 at 22:49, 26/4/2014
Posts: 122
Hi all

Paul Vernon has successfully got my Arm 3 A3010 up and going again complete with an IDEA A3000 IDE interface and 4GB CF.

He initially put 4x 499MB partitions on it. I have since added another 4 partitions, (set them up and successfully formatted them - I think) in the extra free space, but but am at a loss as to how to get these to show up on the Icon bar. Various attempts to *Mount different partitions are not successful, unless I am doing it wrong.

I have seen


In which Mr Holden states that it is possible to have 8 partitions by forcing it to use 0-3 on the APDL interface.

On boot up I see a message "Ignoring additional partitions" How do I get round this?

I have the IDE format utility which Paul managed to download, but no utilities disc.

The Machine still works fine but only showing the initial 4 partitions on the icon bar, even though I have apparently created more.

Any help greatly appreciated, I've emailed Dave at APDL but no joy... yet



[Edited by asm1 at 23:50, 26/4/2014]
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Paul Vernon Message #123235, posted by PaulV at 21:09, 4/5/2014, in reply to message #123223
Posts: 135
Hi Andrew,

I just managed to create 8 partitions on my 16-bit Baildon Electronics IDE interface using the same tools that you have so it's definitely do-able big grin

In the IDEFSForm tool there are two parts to the creation of partitions and when you create them on a fresh disc, the two stages happen in one process which is create and then initialise.

There is an option in the tool to initialise a partition as a separate action. Aside from creating the partitions, have you initialised them?

If not, it might be worth going through that option and seeing how you get on.

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Andrew Message #123237, posted by asm1 at 19:36, 6/5/2014, in reply to message #123235
Posts: 122
Hi Paul

Yes I did use the initialize option, I then got the "ignoring additional partitions" message on boot.

I am awaiting a second CF card to try. Will see how I get on with that.


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The Icon Bar: General: Baildon/APDL A3000 interface partitions ......