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The Icon Bar: General: Sound settings RISC PC
  Sound settings RISC PC
  leeshep (15:34 4/7/2014)
  sirbod (23:05 5/7/2014)
Lee Shepherd Message #123268, posted by leeshep at 15:34, 4/7/2014
Posts: 23
Hi RISC OS people big smile

I'm doing some experiments on the sound quality of MP3 playback using !DigitalCD on the RISC PC and must say so far I'm quite impressed.

I would like some help with the following though...

RISC OS 6 Sound configure has an option for oversampling is this better on on off, same goes for the frequency tracker.

Also what is the optimal settings in !DigitalCD itself. Should the frequency be 44100Hz or is 50000Hz better? What about interpolation, should this be on or off?

If it helps I am playing MP3's ripped at 320Kbps using Shine.

Any input greatly received.

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Jon Abbott Message #123271, posted by sirbod at 23:05, 5/7/2014, in reply to message #123268
Posts: 563
Over sampling is only really relevant for low frequency rate playback, I believe it will add additional samples and double the playback rate. You shouldn't need it with 320Kbps MP3's.
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The Icon Bar: General: Sound settings RISC PC