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  Latest machines
  arenaman (02:13 20/9/2014)
  rdenk (07:49 20/9/2014)
    Matt (11:23 20/9/2014)
  arawnsley (12:12 20/9/2014)
  arenaman (13:23 20/9/2014)
Michael Stubbs Message #123357, posted by arenaman at 02:13, 20/9/2014
Posts: 107
I sold my Castle RiscPC back when it was the latest thing due to immense instability that was never solved. I've been out the loop ever since.

Lately I've been thinking of adding a new RISC OS machine to my setup.

Can anyone tell me what the latest machines are that have decent graphics and are as fast as or faster than the IyonixPC?
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rick Denkers Message #123358, posted by rdenk at 07:49, 20/9/2014, in reply to message #123357
Posts: 4

1. Raspberry PI
2. Pandaboard
3. Beagle board

Personally i would advise you to buy a Pi. Cheap and hassle-free RISCOS. If you want a (really) fast machine, then buy the Pandaboard, but remember that it does sometimes do unexpected things.
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Matthew Thompson Message #123359, posted by Matt at 11:23, 20/9/2014, in reply to message #123358
Posts: 11
If you don't mind spending some money then the ARMini is worth a look, much faster than the Iyonix too.

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Andrew Rawnsley Message #123360, posted by arawnsley at 12:12, 20/9/2014, in reply to message #123357
R-Comp chap
Posts: 572
Hi Michael - nice to hear you're thinking about grabbing some new hardware smile

As has been mentioned, the lowest barrier to entry is the Pi. You can buy a Pi for about 25ukp and a case for a tenner etc. ROOL sell a (fairly slow/small) SD to get you started and you can go from there. You may prefer our PiPlus scheme which includes a much larger (and much faster) storage card plus nearly a gig of software (including custom stuff). Either way, you'll be up and running quite easily.

Pi is slow, though - about a third the speed of other options. It is roughly on a par with Iyonix, but noticably slower for disc stuff. For example - you'll be waiting ages (10-20sec) when dealing with email attachments, esp on ROOL card.

For a "full" computer (ie. properly boxed and with the trimmings you'd expect from a full computer) you basically have two choices - CJE's PandaRO (http://www.cjemicros.co.uk/ or our ARMini/ARMiniX family (http://www.armini.co.uk).

Our ARMiniX won "Best hardware" in the RISC OS awards this year, and basically offers fractionally better performance/reliability (IMHO), but at a slightly higher cost. It includes a lot of software, much custom, and regular updates. I just put out SP7 (Super Pack 7 - disc components update) yesterday consisting of nearly 100Mb of improvements. Similarly, we offer "two click" OS updates / rollback.

CJE's machine is a little cheaper (if you can't reclaim VAT - they don't charge VAT), but uses slightly cheaper components AFAIK, and doesn't include the software/community/updates that we offer. Whether it works out cheaper overall will depend on you - I know we've sold our software/support/hardware packs to several grateful owners.

If you'd like to know more, please contact me on the usual R-Comp addresses.

[Edited by arawnsley at 13:33, 20/9/2014]
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Michael Stubbs Message #123361, posted by arenaman at 13:23, 20/9/2014, in reply to message #123357
Posts: 107
Thanks for all the information, chaps. I'll look into it.
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