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The Icon Bar: General: RISC OS user to be...
  RISC OS user to be...
  metalmac (08:27 7/1/2016)
  svrsig (20:21 7/1/2016)
    metalmac (04:58 8/1/2016)
      geraldholdsworth (11:46 29/1/2016)
  Gulli (12:04 29/1/2016)
    arawnsley (18:22 31/1/2016)
Ove Malmstrom Message #123776, posted by metalmac at 08:27, 7/1/2016
Posts: 3
Hi all!

I am a Swedish computer user interested in operatingsystems and retrocomputing/computers in general.

I have starten to look at the Raspberry Pi 2 B for using it as my first RISC OS computer.

Do the RISC OS geeks here at The icon bar have any tips and trix for a newbee? smile
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Chris Hall Message #123777, posted by svrsig at 20:21, 7/1/2016, in reply to message #123776
Posts: 32
Use the RC14 SD card image from the ROOL site (the Raspberry Pi foundation downloads page redirects here). That gives you 2GB storage on the SD card with lots of software preloaded.

The !Store application is also supplied which gives access to a selected list of free and commercial software.

The NutPi addon SD card from ROOL is extremely good value - not everything on it works on the model 2 Pi though.

The URL http://www.svrsig.org/HowTo.htm gives an (unfinished) tutorial on the various platforms that now exist for RISC OS, including the Pi.
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Ove Malmstrom Message #123778, posted by metalmac at 04:58, 8/1/2016, in reply to message #123777
Posts: 3
Thanks for the startup info!
And thanks for the link.

I will read that site carefully. smile

Lets se if I can leran some BBC Basic.
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Gerald Holdsworth Message #123782, posted by geraldholdsworth at 11:46, 29/1/2016, in reply to message #123778
Posts: 12
I would also check out the ROOL forums (on the ROOL site) and maybe subscribe there as well, if you haven't already.

If you're going to learn some BBC BASIC, I'd recommend getting StrongEd:
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Gunnlaugur Jonsson Message #123783, posted by Gulli at 12:04, 29/1/2016, in reply to message #123776
Posts: 138
OUt of curiosity, where in Sweden are you?
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Andrew Rawnsley Message #123785, posted by arawnsley at 18:22, 31/1/2016, in reply to message #123783
R-Comp chap
Posts: 572
Sweden is turning into something of a RISC OS hotbed - I just shipped an ARMX6 out there last week, to someone completely different (a company actually). Here's to the on-going RISC OS revival smile
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The Icon Bar: General: RISC OS user to be...