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The Icon Bar: General: ADFS Disc Image
  ADFS Disc Image
  ad (07:43 27/4/2016)
  Phlamethrower (09:30 27/4/2016)
  arawnsley (12:21 27/4/2016)
    Phlamethrower (14:53 27/4/2016)
    ad (08:48 28/4/2016)
Andrew Duffell Message #123818, posted by ad at 07:43, 27/4/2016

Posts: 3233
I have a Risc PC, and want to create an image of the hard disc, or a copy of it to use with RPCEmu. - I have already extracted the ROM. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this? Thanks smile
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Jeffrey Lee Message #123819, posted by Phlamethrower at 09:30, 27/4/2016, in reply to message #123818
PhlamethrowerHot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot stuff

Posts: 15066
If you're able to connect the drive to a Windows/Linux/Mac/whatever PC for imaging then this thread contains the answers which you seek.

Although the thread is a bit old, AFAIK you still need to add the extra sector and fix up the boot block as described.
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Andrew Rawnsley Message #123820, posted by arawnsley at 12:21, 27/4/2016, in reply to message #123818
R-Comp chap
Posts: 472
I would have thought it would be best to just copy the data off to a NAS or other device (or via LAN to a fresh RPCemu/VA via ShareFS etc) and use HostFS on RPCemu rather than disc images. You'll be limited to the capacity of the RPC disc if you use disc images, and any errors could render the disc image broken (eg. bad shutdown/power cut).

That said, you'd need a network card for that, so I suppose if all you have is a bare RPC, you might have to hook the disc up elsewhere.

The problem I've had working with RPCs is that often the old IDE hard drives (conner etc) don't play nice with USB adapters or other IDE devices. Indeed, I tend to have to "slave" the drives off our "master" RiscPC and transfer to NAS using that for customer data transfers.

Newer drives tend to work fine via USB or whatever, but the older ones that Acorn tended to use... not so much.
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Jeffrey Lee Message #123821, posted by Phlamethrower at 14:53, 27/4/2016, in reply to message #123820
PhlamethrowerHot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot stuff

Posts: 15066
Another way I did a RiscPC backup once was to use the command-line zip tool to archive everything onto a FAT formatted USB stick. Obviously you'd need a USB card for that, and you'd need to be reasonably confident you won't hit the 2GB DOSFS limit, but it does give you a fairly trustworthy backup - no need to worry about network errors stopping it halfway through, or filetypes/datestamps/etc. getting messed up by copying to a non-RISC OS NAS. Although I do now remember that there were bugs in the RISC OS versions of either zip or unzip which could cause problems in some cases! Although for 'zip' I think the main bug was that older versions didn't work with long filenames.

Once I had the zip file on a PC I was able to (somewhat painstakingly) cut it into smaller chunks so that they could easily be opened on RISC OS to access any files I needed. This basically just involves copying the zip, opening it in winzip or similar, and then deleting specific folders and sub-folders in order to distribute things between the different zips as desired.

If you wanted to use the contents in an emulator you could use command-line unzip within the emulator to extract the contents to hostfs, so that you can be sure the correct filetype suffix and filename translation schemes are used (compared to, e.g. copying over network to the host OS/drive the emulator runs on)

[Edited by Phlamethrower at 15:55, 27/4/2016]
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Andrew Duffell Message #123822, posted by ad at 08:48, 28/4/2016, in reply to message #123820

Posts: 3233
Thank you guys. Once I manage to get Networking up and running on Select I'll give it a go with ShareFS, as the RiscPC still works and has Networking. I just need to get my head around RISC OS Select networking now, as it's a long time since I used RISC OS myself.
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The Icon Bar: General: ADFS Disc Image