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The Icon Bar: General: State of RISC OS software
  State of RISC OS software
  arenaman (17:44 17/7/2018)
  thegman (13:10 19/7/2018)
  hubersn (00:05 22/7/2018)
    rich (11:27 23/7/2018)
      VincceH (19:54 23/7/2018)
Michael Stubbs Message #124298, posted by arenaman at 17:44, 17/7/2018
Posts: 114
Greetings all.

I posted a while back about new hardware, and got some decent information. I haven't made the leap back into RISC OS yet, but still might.

Anyway, does anyone know of an article or otherwise that would give a good overview of the state of play as regards software?

I have no idea on the state of play of things like text editors, FTP clients, HTML editors (I used to like Mr Goodwin's), bitmap editors, programming guides, Sibelius and Rhapsody, DTP, chat clients, printer and scanner drivers.

I'm just looking for a brief overview from the point of view of someone who's beenout of the loop for years, preferably without having to spend hours searching on each category of software.
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Garry Taylor Message #124299, posted by thegman at 13:10, 19/7/2018, in reply to message #124298
Posts: 65
It's mixed bag I think, I found the pCloud client by Elesar to be a massive boon for me, it really makes using RISC OS alongside Windows and Mac much more viable.

The FTP situation is fine with !FTPc, but SFTP, I'm not sure what is available there. I'm quite happy with pCloud though, I put things on pCloud then then use Windows/Mac to move files elsewhere.

Zap is nice as an editor, it's either that or StrongEd, both are nice, but I keep coming back to Zap.

For programming, I use C on RISC OS, with plain toolbox, the docs are pretty decent.

Can't really comment on the rest of the stuff like Sibelius, DTP etc.
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Steffen Huber Message #124301, posted by hubersn at 00:05, 22/7/2018, in reply to message #124298
Posts: 91

I have no idea on the state of play of things like text editors, FTP clients, HTML editors (I used to like Mr Goodwin's), bitmap editors, programming guides, Sibelius and Rhapsody, DTP, chat clients, printer and scanner drivers.
I fear the answer is "nothing really changed". ArtWorks, TechWriter and Ovation Pro are still developed. Zap and StrongEd both alive and well. FTPc still the only FTP client. NetSurf still the only (native) browser. If you need to print, use PostScript or PDF. If you need to scan...good luck finding a driver.

Many of the well-known commercial and free software is still developed further.

Really new software is very rare. RiscOSM perhaps, and CloudFS. A few games by AMCOG.

ADFFS is seeing a lot of development, so if you are into Retro gaming, this is certainly interesting.

For software development, there is a continuous stream of upgrades for the DDE. There is now also ELF-based shared library support with the current GCC. There is a port of Qt5 now which enabled ports of modern WebKit-based browsers like QupZilla and Otter, but they don't perform very well on most systems and are not really well integrated into RISC OS.

The most special, interesting and confusing new thing is probably the port of RISC OS to Linux by Timothy Baldwin.

This posting is probably the best overview of the state of play that currently exists, which is also a bit sad. You could scan through past articles on The IconBar as well as RISCOSitory to find out if I am right big smile
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Richard Goodwin Message #124305, posted by rich at 11:27, 23/7/2018, in reply to message #124301
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
I just did a quick grep of the logs for the past week or so to see who's visiting using RISC OS browsers, and apart from two short visits by someone using Acorn Browse I could only see NetSurf (plus RSS readers).

It's not conclusive of course, but I thought it was interesting.

I have a vested interest as I've been updating my website for ages and was building a legacy mode to convert it into tables on the fly, which might not be needed now smile
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VinceH Message #124307, posted by VincceH at 19:54, 23/7/2018, in reply to message #124305
Lowering the tone since the dawn of time

Posts: 1600
I don't look at my site logs (for RISCOSitory.com) only the sanitised analysis reports produced by my host.

I do notice a discrepancy between the number of browsing sessions by NetSurf users compared to the number by "RISK OS" users - which for June (for instance) the latter is about double the former.

There's quite a few more than both for people who's browser and OS couldn't be identified.
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The Icon Bar: General: State of RISC OS software