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The Icon Bar: News and features: January News

January News

Posted by Mark Stephens on 08:37, 31/1/2019 |
Some things we noticed this month. What did you see?
Bounty updates from ROOL
RISC OS Blog reviews Doom.
!Vector now has a free manual (OpenVector) on !Store
Date for London Show confirmed as Saturday 26th October.
Review of RISC OS hardware option on RISC OS Blog
  January News
  helpful (04:10 1/2/2019)
  markee174 (10:39 2/2/2019)
    arawnsley (11:10 3/2/2019)
Bryan Hogan Message #124439, posted by helpful at 04:10, 1/2/2019
Posts: 199
Oops, the London Show link is wrong in the article!


Although surely the bigger news is that the SW Show is almost here, Sat 16th Feb:


[Edited by helpful at 04:13, 1/2/2019]
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Mark Stephens Message #124440, posted by markee174 at 10:39, 2/2/2019, in reply to message #124439
Posts: 40
Link fixed. Thanks for pointing out.

We did a Q and Q with Richard on the SW Show in January and hoping to have some articles and usual show report in February.
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Andrew Rawnsley Message #124441, posted by arawnsley at 11:10, 3/2/2019, in reply to message #124440
R-Comp chap
Posts: 482
Hi Mark. Thanks for the Q&A with Richard about SW Show. Would it be possible to ensure that a SW Show article is now "top article" given we're 2 weeks away, please?

If you need new content, I think I sent you the press release last week?
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The Icon Bar: News and features: January News