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The Icon Bar: News and features: Iris July update

Iris July update

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:44, 12/7/2021 |
The last time we looked at Iris was the April release (1.010), and the Developers have been very busy since then.

The latest release is July 5th (1.012) and features a whole mix of bug fixes, user improvements, work under the bonnet and new features. On the Iris homepage, you will find a link which makes it very easy to download the new version.

Many of the changes are very technical in nature and improve memory management. The software should still be regarded as beta, but it works well and the new release is at least as robust as the old April release.
There are some exciting new features which include more save options and a password manager.


If you are using Iris, I would strongly recommend moving onto the latest version.
  Iris July update
  arawnsley (18:16 13/7/2021)
  gazza_fp (02:48 18/7/2021)
Andrew Rawnsley Message #125148, posted by arawnsley at 18:16, 13/7/2021
R-Comp chap
Posts: 572
For clarity, Mark is reviewing a shareholder/investor test build here. In fact, it hadn't even been announced to investors yet!

The difference compared to the more public releases (like the one in April) is that considerably more time is spent QA-ing the public builds, whereas the investors/shareholders have access to somewhat less filtered builds straight from my system.

This does yield the odd problem - the download link for updates was incorrect in Mark's review build, for example, although I've now fixed that.

Expect a more public release of this in due course - watch !Store for updates, as I'll update the version number there accordingly.
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Gary Hughes Message #125160, posted by gazza_fp at 02:48, 18/7/2021, in reply to message #125148
Posts: 23
I've been using the 1.010 release on a Raspberry Pi 400 and I've been quite impressed with it. It's much faster and more responsive than Otter or Qupzilla. I've been able to do the crosswords on the Guardian's site. Browsing the news on the Guardian's and the ABC's webpages has presented no real problems.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Iris July update