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The Icon Bar: News and features: September News round-up

September News round-up

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:22, 30/9/2021 |
Some things we noticed this month. What did you see?

The Icon Bar turned 22 years old.

A copy of Archive 25:4 dropped through the letterbox (thud). Read our review.

Computer legend Sir Clive Sinclair dies.

New updated version of SQLite for RISC OS.

Test version of Python 3.8.12 is now available.

News updates on the London Show website.

Drag'n'Drop release a new programming book - The Application Tutorial and Listings Book

WROCC Vol 39 Issue 5 newsletter is now available

2020 RISC OS Awards results are now available

New version 3.10 of Private Eye Image Viewer.
  September News round-up
  d.denk (05:48 1/10/2021)
  Gavin (13:52 2/10/2021)
  BernardUK (15:15 11/10/2021)
David Denkers Message #125210, posted by d.denk at 05:48, 1/10/2021
Posts: 2
Bought the book The Application Tutorial and Listings Book. Itís worth every penny. Unfortunately, I was confronted with one of the sad results of Brexit.
In the past, if I bought something from the UK, it was delivered to your doorstep. This time I had to go to the post office. Reason? I had to pay 6,75 import tax. That makes me sad. Not the six euros but realizing that the UK is not a part of Europe anymore.
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Gavin Wraith Message #125211, posted by Gavin at 13:52, 2/10/2021, in reply to message #125210
Posts: 31
I have too. It has not arrived yet. I had a glimpse of the PDF first. It looks to be just what newcomers to RISC OS need.
Brexit is indeed a tragedy. It was Mrs T, La Grande Saboteuse, who first made me feel a stranger in my own country, who removed the social housing stock of the UK for the sake of her abhorrent Tory beliefs. Since then I have become more and more ashamed of my country. It will be for my grandchildren to learn the lessons of this nonsense. With any luck they will be neither English nor European but human beings.
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Bernard Boase Message #125215, posted by BernardUK at 15:15, 11/10/2021, in reply to message #125210
Posts: 11
Bought the book The Application Tutorial and Listings Book.
Me, too, and a very worthy leg-up for new RISC OS BASIC programmers it looks to be.
My only immediate worry is that the code therein is not currently available to download. The printed listings are rather pale mid-grey and in a System font, making them difficult to OCR successfully (and every space is shown as a little square character).
I appreciate that there's no learning quite like typing code oneself followed by the discipline of checking every character(!), but that's physically quite hard to do from the listings in this book, even for a good touch-typist.
I certainly don't want to sound negative, and I earnestly wish a lot of people a lot of fun in working through this ambitious book.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: September News round-up