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The Icon Bar: General: RPCEmu 0.9.4
  RPCEmu 0.9.4
  flibble (10:55 30/10/2021)
  nytrex (15:00 30/10/2021)
  flintmcc1956 (10:32 8/4/2023)
Peter Howkins Message #125228, posted by flibble at 10:55, 30/10/2021

Posts: 890
A new version of RPCEmu is available, 0.9.4


Performance gains on x86 and x64 dynamic recompiler.

Many of the instructions that were not accelerated on the x64 architecture but were on x86 have now been implemented on x64.

Refactoring of Dynamic Recompiler code.

Many bugfixes.

Accessing CP15 should only be permitted in privileged modes.

* Network Address Translation
You can now configure ports to be forwarded between your host network and RPCEmu. This allows you to host servers under RPCEmu that can be accessed by other machines on your network.
(Note, this still does not enable the use of ShareFS)

* Floppy Disc
Support HFE format floppy disc images. HFE disc images are lower-level than ADF discs as they can also store the information required for various copy protection systems. Contributed by Sarah Walker.

If you are not using VRAM you can now use up to 4MB of RAM for video modes.

* Other
Fix the crash on shutdown or reset of RISC OS 5. Based on a suggestion from Rob Sprowson.

Compiling with GCC 10 no longer needs a workaround for the common symbols errors.

Matthew Howkins
Peter Howkins
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Alan Robertson Message #125229, posted by nytrex at 15:00, 30/10/2021, in reply to message #125228
Posts: 79
Just compiled it under Linux Mint and got it up and running. Very nice indeed.

Both the 'crash on shutdown' and the 'move mouse out of window when dragging' have been fixed.

That for me is huge. Both caused problems in everyday use.

BTW, my machine always compiles them as shared object libraries (.so files). Is it possible to compile as clickable executables?
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John McCulloch Message #125411, posted by flintmcc1956 at 10:32, 8/4/2023, in reply to message #125228
Posts: 1
Hi there,
I am running RPCEmu on Arcolinux, it is available on AUR. It runs smoothly and well either in a window or full screen. On my Lenovo T410 laptop.I have it running with RISC OS 5.28 , with no issues.

Very impressive.

[Edited by flintmcc1956 at 10:32, 8/4/2023]
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The Icon Bar: General: RPCEmu 0.9.4