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The Icon Bar: News and features: WROCC Newsletters Volume 40:1

WROCC Newsletters Volume 40:1

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:42, 26/7/2022 |
Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club is catching-up with its delayed Newsletters, and the April and May editions landed in my inbox recently.

With Volume 40, we are onto a new edition and a new Club team.
In the April edition, Peter Richmond introduces himself as the new Club Chairman - you may well have met him at recent Shows. Peter also documents the hidden Easter Eggs inside RISC OS. Have you played the Space Invaders games in RISC OS 4?
The April edition is a good selection of general RISC OS items including a detailed review of the updated Impression User Manual, a guide to creating An Arrow along an Elliptical path in Artworks, upgrading an ARMbook, a guide to SSD and some detailed, technical feedback in response to last month's article on 'The Steady March of Progress'.
The May edition has a report on the April hybrid meeting (which went well) and a nice retrospective looking back to RISC OS (and general tech) in 2002. Kev Smith talks you through cloud storage options for RISC OS. Peter Richmond updates us on some of WROCC's plans and sets a programming challenge to create a countdown timer. There is an interesting article on speeding up a RiscStation 7500 with faster memory.
The magazines also include the club's upcoming talks, contact details and some hints and tips.
Both editions are slightly shorter at 8 pages long, but contain a good selection of interesting content. Contributions are welcome and If you would like to write for the magazine, you will get a free month's membership in return (and all the fame and glory).
You can see the newsletters (and read older editions for free if you are not a member) on the WROCC website.
And I recommend joining the club even if you do not live in Wakefield...(I am a proud Kent based member). The talks are all online and the magazine is a welcome bonus.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: WROCC Newsletters Volume 40:1