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The Icon Bar: News and features: Compute Module 4
  Compute Module 4
  svrsig (00:47 12/10/2022)
  riscosbits (16:02 14/10/2022)
    svrsig (14:56 25/10/2022)
Chris Hall Message #125341, posted by svrsig at 00:47, 12/10/2022
Posts: 35
The compute module 4 was released in October 2020 along with an IO board. The intention was that the IO board could be used for development and a custom PCB would then be designed for the module brining out the precise interfaces that were required.

Several third party IO boards are now available including one from Waveshare (the Mini-IO-board 'B') that offers 2xHDMI, 4xUSB 2, 1xm2.NVMe, Ethernet, WiFi and 40-pin header. The on board RTC and fan controller are invisible to RISC OS.

At present the eMMc and NVMe storage is visible to Linux but not to RISC OS 5.28 but hopefully that should change when RISC OS 5.30 emerges. Otherwise RISC OS 5.28 works well, booting from SCSI, provided that the m.2 slot is populated.

A working CM4 on a Waveshare IO board will be on display at the South West show.

[Edited by svrsig at 01:48, 12/10/2022]

[Edited by svrsig at 01:49, 12/10/2022]
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RISCOS Bits Message #125343, posted by riscosbits at 16:02, 14/10/2022, in reply to message #125341
Posts: 23
I can confirm that, after Chris's discovery that any old PCIe device enabled the CM4 to boot RISC OS (I thought it needed to be a PCIe device with the Pi 4's USB 3 chipset), I have now set up a Waveshare Mini-IO-board to dual boot both RISC OS and Linux without the need for USB drives.

As Chris says, the NVMe drive is invisible to RISC OS, but hey ho! Linux can see it and run nicely from it.
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Chris Hall Message #125353, posted by svrsig at 14:56, 25/10/2022, in reply to message #125343
Posts: 35
Archive 26:1 (out now in PDF and in the next week or so as a printed mag) describes how I got RISC OS 5.28 running on the CM4, dual booting from eMMc into either Linux (on either a USB drive or an m.2 NVMe drive) or RISC OS (on a USB stick) according to a switch on the 40 pin header. A picture of a Waveshare Mini-B IO board with CM4 and 250GB NVMe drive fitted is shown.

[Edited by svrsig at 15:58, 25/10/2022]
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Compute Module 4