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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISCOSbits announcements for 2022 London Show

RISCOSbits announcements for 2022 London Show

Posted by Mark Stephens on 18:30, 28/10/2022 |
The London Show is always a big landmark on the RISC OS calendar, so many RISC OS Companies work towards that...

Obviously there is is no show this year. I hope someone has told Andy and he is not patiently sitting in the carpark wondering where everyone is (try the Science Museum)...
Nevertheless, RISCOSbits still have some exciting news and special offers. Andy says it much better than me, so here the press release and some teaser photos...



RISCOSbits have been busy over the Summer and early Aututmn, working on a few new things, and developments for some existing items.
First up is a brand new product, based on EDOS, the dual operating systems for the Raspberry Pi 4.EDO/SD is a new version which runs entirely from a single SD Card. The specially formatted card contains both RISC OS and Linux, plus a partition that allows files to be shared between the two OSes. Priced at only £30 for a 128GB Class 10 SD card, EDO/SD is available now from the RISCOSbits website. See www.riscosbits.co.uk/edos.htm for information.
Work on EDO/SD has lead to developments on RISCOSbits Super Turbo Drive system to now allow a single drive to have both a standard, bootable partition and a faster Turbo partition. In future, both PiHarder and FOURtress systems will ship with the option of the new Super Turbo Drive as standard. Hard drives for other systems can be supplied with the Super Turbo Drive system pre-installed - contact RISCOSbits for details.
RISCOSbits have also been working on an NVMe option for the FOURtress range of machines. As NVMe is a faster technology than standard SATA technology, there is a minor speed increase for RISC OS disk access speeds, but under Linux and EDOS, there can be a more pronounced performance enhancement.
Initially available with 250GB storage, there are several options available. For new buyers, the FOURtress NVMe is available from £195, depending on the memory capacity of the Pi 4. For previous purchases of either a FOURtress Lite or a standard FOURtress with M.2 SATA SSD, RISCOSbits are offering upgrade options, from £70, including a new base for the FOURtress with NVMe drive pre-formatted and installed. There's also a trade in scheme to replace your existing base and SATA M.2 drive at a substantial discount - contact RISCOSbts for details. Adding EDOS to take greater advantage of the faster technology is only £25 extra, to cover the time taken to hand-tune the drives and Linux installation. Details can be found on www.pihard.co.uk/fourtress.htm
For the PiHarder, RISCOSbits have been testing overclocking settings and have found that an overclock to 2.28GHz is both possible and reliable and will ship as standard with new PiHarder machines. Even at that, temperatures remain low and constant, often without the need for the temperature-controlled fan. As a result of the same tests with FOURtress machines, all future FOURtress machines will come overclocked to 2.2GHz. Existing customers can contact RISCOSbits for the appropriate overclocking software, and settings.
FHANTom is a new temperature-controlled fan HAT for the Raspberry Pi and works with all models from the B+ onwards. Using our existing fan technology, as used in the FOURtress and the PiHarder, FHANTom allows RISC OS users to choose variable speed settings for the fan based on the CPU temperature. FHANTom connects tothe GPIO ports on the Pi and provides a through-link so that users can stack different HATs on top of the fan (even though this contravenes Raspberry Pi specifications for HATs). Not all HATs are compatible with the FHANTom HAT, so if you plan to stack HATs, get in touch first.
FHANTom fits in all HAT capable cases , including RISCOSbits own cases, such as the PiAno, Pi-Llok and the new MiniMedia cases. Priced from just £17, more details are available from www.riscosbits.co.uk/fhantom.htm.
The new MiniMedia case is intended as a budget-but-beautiful subtle desktop case for the Raspberry Pi 4, using our custom adaptor to bring all the ports out to the rear of the case. By using the USB capabilities of the standard power port on the Pi 4, the case and adaptor also manages to bring out a front USB port for USB drives and other peripherals. The case itself is made from oak-veneered layers, with black acrylic front and back plates. The MiniMedia comes with three cooling options - passive cooling, lid mounted fan, and the new FHANTom temperature-controlled fan HAT. Prices start from just £25. Details are available from www.riscosbits.co.uk/minimedia.htm.
Bear in mind that all of RISCOSbits website purchases give you the option to pay in three interest free instalments, courtesy of a partnership with PayPal.
And look out for extra 'Not the London Show' limited edition offers via @RISCOSbits on Twitter throughout the Not The London Show day. There are some MONSTER #RISCOSrewards deals and Lite bit(e)s to be had. If you're not on Twitter, contact RISCOSbits for details on Saturday 29th October, after 11am (the usual Show start time) for a heads up!

  RISCOSbits announcements for 2022 London Show
  riscosbits (16:24 30/10/2022)
RISCOS Bits Message #125356, posted by riscosbits at 16:24, 30/10/2022
Posts: 30
RISCOSbits are extending their Not The London Show offers the Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night period, or until stocks of our special Raspberry Pi 4 machines are depleted. But be quick, they’re devilishly good!

The RISC OS Monster Mash-ine is a total beast! Based on the 2.28GHz Pi Harder system and kitted out with 8GB RAM, a 32GB SD and a 240GB SSD, it comes complete with our new themeable EDOS set up based on a fully-loaded Pi OS.there are only TWO of these monsters available at the special show price of £239. Contact us via www.riscosbits.co.uk/contact.htm, quoting RISC OS MONSTER.

Next up is the last couple of Pi Harder Lite machines, with 2GB RAM and a 32GB SD for storage. These machines run at 2.28GHz, and it’s easy to add your own SSD later, to give you the full Pi Harder experience. The PiHarder Lite has a front facing power button and two front USB ports, so everything can be kept nice and tidy round the back. At only £169 (or £159 if you’re an Archive subscriber – RISC OS Rewards in action!) these are an absolute steal! Details of this demon of a deal can be found at www.pihard.co.uk/lite.htm

For the budget connoisseur, we have a couple of offers.

The first is our sub-£100 FOURtress Lite with a Pi 4 running at 2.2GHz. It comes with 2GB RAM and a 32GB SD card. There are only three of these left at the bargain price of £99. Given the modular nature of the FOURtress, it’s relatively easy to upgrade to a full FOURtress system, even adding a superfast NVMe drive with EDOS. More information, and to buy one of these ‘familiar’ machines, pop along to www.pihard.co.uk/flite.htm.

And finally, there are just two PiRO Noir system left, at £119. These are equipped with a Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM, a 64GB micro SD and a CPU clocked at a conservative 2GHz. In a sleek black ABS case, with easy access to the SD card, two front USB ports and a power button, these machines are real ‘bangers’! See www.pihard.co.uk/pironoir.htm

All of RISCOSbits machines come with over 2GB of bundled software, and exclusive fan control and power control software. Even though these special offers are so cheap it feels like some form of witchery, we can still make it easier to pay, with our interest-free three instalment tie-in with PayPal, for your peace of mind.

You’ll need to dash like a ‘rocket’ to get these deals before they all disappear like the hot embers of a bonfire…

[Edited by riscosbits at 16:25, 30/10/2022]
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISCOSbits announcements for 2022 London Show