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  Message duplication
  (13:57 3/7/2001)
  alpha (00:26 4/7/2001)
Steve Message #5736, posted at 13:57, 3/7/2001
Unregistered user Um. I've just discovered a bizzare bug; if you look at the thread in:


You'll notice two replies from me. The first resulting from me clicking on the 'Post' button before I was actually finished, and the second being my actual post.

The problem is, that both replies seem to use the same text; I change the content of one, and the other one is also altered...

Any guesses? (they appear to be sharing the same article number).

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alpha Message #5737, posted at 00:26, 4/7/2001, in reply to message #5736
Unregistered user It's because I was a bit lazy when I wrote the edit message function and it uses search and replace (and all messages for a thread are stored in the same file). So if you have two identical messages and you try and edit one, it'll change both.

Erm, I guess I should change that. For the moment I've just edited the first of your messages (so you'll be able to re-edit the 2nd one without any further problems).

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