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The Icon Bar: Site Comments: 3D engine forum?
  3D engine forum?
  kick52 (19:47 19/1/2001)
  johnstlr (11:25 20/1/2001)
    kick52 (13:47 20/1/2001)
      tfountain (16:00 20/1/2001)
        Phlamethrower (17:03 20/1/2001)
Tim Brook Message #84064, posted by kick52 at 19:47, 19/1/2001
Posts: 87
I know this has been dismissed before but doesn't the 3D engine discussion deserve a special forum or maybe a game development forum could be created?
Most of the discussion on the General forum has become very 3D engine/API specific and although I'm all for it and truly support it, most of it is a very focused on programming and rendering techniques etc. and I, having absolutely no knowledge of this, have long since lost the thread.
A special game development forum might give bidding developers a good place to seek advice and ideas.

Just a thought


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Lee Johnston Message #84065, posted by johnstlr at 11:25, 20/1/2001, in reply to message #84064
Posts: 193
I don't know how other people feel but I rather suspect that www.coderscauldron.com could take on that role. Alternatively I suspect detailed programming articles should really appear on the iconbar.

I can understand how it is easy to get lost in the thread - it has got rather technical. What I will say is that if you don't understand something then ask. I'm always willing to explain things (and I'm sure others are too) - the problem with having a certain level of knowledge is that I tend to forget that not everyone else does cool

If you don't want to ask on the board then feel free to drop me a mail.

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Tim Brook Message #84066, posted by kick52 at 13:47, 20/1/2001, in reply to message #84065
Posts: 87
I agree that the coderscauldron could take on the 3D engine/API specific discussions, excellent project BTW, but I still think a Game development forum would be a good idea since not all games are 3D and the 3D engine is only a part of a game - not the game itself.

Having browsed around on programming pages for PCs recently I've noticed that there is a substancial difference on how a game is designed and developed compared to a desktop application and can therefore warrant a special forum. PC gamers have full websites dedicated to games development and I think we could use a forum for it. Acorn Arcade came to mind being the no. 1 gaming site for RISC OS, a new forum on Iconbar would probably be just as good.

Since I'm interested in writing a game for RISC OS (I'm still only trying to settle on a good idea and get up to the programming skill needed smile ) I've been looking around and have found very little information about games design and development for the platform. This really makes the learning curve steep and not very friendly to newcomers. Discussions about frame rate, A* (formula for pathfinding) etc. are somewhat game specific and would get less attention in a generic programming forum. Also I think that just having the forum could spark off some ideas and get people together that are really interested in games development.

I'm quite certain that there are some people that read the forums here and have little or no interest in games programming, only in getting some good games and playing them so why not have the General forum for general games discussion and provide a specific forum for the ones interested in developing these games? After all most of the currently running threads in the General forum is about games development, asking for ideas, programming etc.

Acorn Arcade/IconBar staff: I'm not trying to tell you how to run your excellent sites, you may well have different ideas but if I don't speak mine out, no one will know them and therefor not be able to consider them.

Lee, thanks for offering to explain but the things that are going over my head are mostly OpenGL discussions which I know nothing about and the math discussions and I'm not going to ask you to teach me math by e-mail smile

[Edited by Gulli at 13:49, 20/1/2001]

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Tim Fountain Message #84067, posted by tfountain at 16:00, 20/1/2001, in reply to message #84066
AA refugee
Posts: 59
I imagine the 3D Engine discussion will move to the Coders Cauldron forums when they're created, but it looks like people want a game development forum so... <waves magic wand> voila.
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Jeffrey Lee Message #84068, posted by Phlamethrower at 17:03, 20/1/2001, in reply to message #84067
PhlamethrowerHot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot stuff

Posts: 15100
Heh, I got the first post there....

Just make sure you get the programming related posts copied in there or there might not be any proper posts in there for a while, since they're all in the general forum.

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The Icon Bar: Site Comments: 3D engine forum?