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  filecore (18:13 2/11/2000)
  JakeG (13:22 2/12/2000)
    NoMercy (00:25 7/12/2000)
Jason Togneri Message #84776, posted by filecore at 18:13, 2/11/2000

Posts: 3867
Hi, I am trying to get hold of any Elite memorabelia (junk) I can, was wondering if anyone can help? I am especially interested in the elusive silver Elite pins given out as prizes during an Elite competition in the 80s. I am an avid fan of ArcElite and am also looking for any other ArcElite material around... I have already been to the BBS linked through Simon Challands' site, and Ian Bell's (of course) site. Anything would be helpful.


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Jake Gordon Message #84777, posted by JakeG at 13:22, 2/12/2000, in reply to message #84776
AA refugee
Posts: 2
I'm not into the acorn/elite at all, but my gran recently moved and in her new house were a few acorn games, including, a boxed AND SEALED copy of Elite for the BBCMicrocomputer.

Interested? Or if not.. about how much would it fetch?

Jake Gordon

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NoMercy Message #84778, posted by NoMercy at 00:25, 7/12/2000, in reply to message #84777
Posts: 2
Well look around this is one of thoes things that could get quite a price if you try, or hold onto it it can only go up in price with all this retro stuff going on oh and to market it say something like "the original Elite for the original Platform"
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The Icon Bar: Games: Elite