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The Icon Bar: News and features: RON to go ahead

RON to go ahead

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 13:17, 23/10/2001 | , , , , ,
netBookRON - the RISC OS on netBook project - has secured funding, on the back of news that the netBook will continue to be produced despite Psion's recent jitters over consumer hardware.

Paul Middleton says "It is wonderful news that are able to continue with development of Ron. The SA1100 processor used in the netBook offers 26 bit operational modes that will allow the use of all the current Acorn / RISC OS software. With a 640 x 480 touch screen it will give the same screen display as the A5000 range, but with the speed of a StrongARM Risc PC, in a device that only weighs a few pounds and lasts for up 10 hours between recharges."

A preview version is expected to be ready for the RISC OS South West Show in March 2002, and be fully operational in the Summer.

Source: RISCOS Ltd. website

  RON to go ahead
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Andrew Pullan Message #89306, posted at 15:59, 9/11/2001, in reply to message #89305
Unregistered user > 1) MD are aiming at XScale (no Jazelle)

Microdigitals website also says "We have plans to use the ARM 9 and 10 processor options as and when they become available." (See http://www.microdigital.co.uk/ompg2.htm)

Not sure if I'd want an XScale or an Arm 9 though ;-)
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Lee Johnston Message #89307, posted at 10:10, 12/11/2001, in reply to message #89306
Unregistered user No contest, XScale is aiming for 1Ghz (whether MD will supply these is another thing). ARM9 isn't aiming at anything like this. ARM10 is interesting though as the FPU is suposedly very good.
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Marco Frissen Message #89308, posted at 14:36, 30/11/2001, in reply to message #89307
Unregistered user ooooh, I'm so excited my nipples are tingling, all 6 of them! (c) Red Dwarf.
Now PLEASE, don't postpone like MD, dear Psion! I've bought an Agenda VR3 recently, but I want this BADLY!
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Marco Frissen Message #89309, posted at 14:39, 30/11/2001, in reply to message #89308
Unregistered user sigh.. I meant Riscos Ltd, not psion of course.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RON to go ahead