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The Icon Bar: News and features: Virtual Acorns?

Virtual Acorns?

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 10:45, 3/1/2002 | , , ,
I return to find in my mailbox a note from Aaron Timbrell about the future of The Emulator Formerly Known As Red Squirrel:
"Virtual Acorn is the new brand name for commercial versions of the exceptionally popular Red Squirrel Acorn emulator. The first commercial RISC OS emulator for Windows, called VirtualA5000, emulates an Acorn A5000 computer with up to 16Mb of RAM."
It had been put forward on the Archive mail list that a RISC OS emulator was illegal, given that when you buy RISC OS it's only licensed for use on Acorn hardware (or obviously the companies that have taken up the slack after the fall of Acorn). However, Aaron goes on to say...
"Following our agreement with Pace, the copyright holders for RISC OS, VirtualA5000 will be supplied complete with RISC OS 3.11, the universal !Boot sequence and a host of applications (full details to be announced). Projected price is £29 (plus carriage)."
There also seems to be consensus from the hardware manufacturers that this won't hurt regular RISC OS sales. This means that you can now (legally) run RISC OS on non-native hardware, such as a PC laptop, albeit slightly slower than on native hardware. It should be more than enough for most usages apart from the latest games however.

VirtualA5000 will get its first public release at the BETT 2002 show, 9th-12th January. There's even a rather snazzy website at www.virtualacorn.co.uk.
  Virtual Acorns?
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Jason Tribbeck Message #89757, posted at 12:09, 10/1/2002, in reply to message #89756
Unregistered user Oh - having thought about it, I did write some scripts for them.

The deal was basically I sold them the "riscos.com" domain (I'd been letting them use it since they'd rebranded it). And yes, I did make a profit from it ;-)
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Guest Message #89758, posted at 12:38, 10/1/2002, in reply to message #89757
Unregistered user [wasting money]
Look at your Foundation membership card.
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Richard Goodwin Message #89759, posted at 09:23, 11/1/2002, in reply to message #89758
Unregistered user Jase, you know full well I meant haven't worked for ArgoNet in over a year, you little tinker you!
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Guest Message #89760, posted at 09:38, 11/1/2002, in reply to message #89759
Unregistered user Actually, I don't think Paul Middleton's comments are at odds with Aaron's. I just think the Foundation newsletter was very carefully worded. Not that he says that RISC OS 3.11 has never been placed in the PD, and that Pace would frown on unlicenced copies. This doesn't actually mean that RedSquirrel is illegal, merely that copying RISC OS 3.11 and passing it on is.
All a bit vague I agree, but if you read between the lines, I think you'll find it's been carefully written.
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Guest Message #89761, posted at 09:40, 11/1/2002, in reply to message #89760
Unregistered user Last comment should say "Note" that he has said....
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Virtual Acorns?