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The Icon Bar: News and features: January bits

January bits

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 11:28, 7/1/2002 | , , , , , , ,
Just a few bits and pieces to brighten up a dull Monday morning (or whenever you're reading this). AcornSearch has been updated to include a filebase. Yes there are others out there, but this one provides more categories! The RISC OS part of the Open Directory project has also been integrated into the search engine for even better search results. PalmLink, which I think was mentioned briefly some time ago, has arrived in beta form. It aims to provide a filer-type interface to Palm computers in much the same way as is already available for Psion machines. MP3 support has been given a boost by releases of ripping tool cdparanoia, another Shoutcast streaming MP3 player which works well on sub-StrongARM machines, and updates to AMPlayer. And if you're an Acorn history geek like me, Mike Cowlishaw has gathered together some interesting info on the Acorn Microcomputer (aka System 1).

Looks like someone beat me to the ArtWorks news while I was off, so I'll just finish off this infodump with a reminder that the BETT show starts Wednesday and goes on until Saturday; one of the points of interest is the Cumana Slym, which is basically an A7000+ (I'd say Riscstation but it's in association with Castle) type machine built into a flatscreen monitor. I've managed to dodge going to the show to help with work's stand, but hopefully I'll have info and photos from someone who's going by the beginning of next week.
  January bits
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Guest Message #89792, posted at 11:57, 13/1/2002, in reply to message #89791
Unregistered user I don't tend to log on purely because I can't be faffed with having to log on everywhere - it's just a pain in the arse. From looking at this converstation though - I can see than the Icon Bar is becomming a massive stupidity amplifier to rival even Slashdot.

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Guest Message #89793, posted at 14:36, 13/1/2002, in reply to message #89792
Unregistered user Is that Robert the imposter then?

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Guest Message #89794, posted at 14:36, 13/1/2002, in reply to message #89793
Unregistered user Is that Robert the imposter then?

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John Hoare Message #89795, posted at 15:53, 13/1/2002, in reply to message #89794
Unregistered user Well, they both left a full-stop at the end of the name...

Justin Fletcher (OK, I'll stop. The joke wasn't even funny the first time.)
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Richard Goodwin Message #89796, posted at 15:11, 14/1/2002, in reply to message #89795
Unregistered user The login script does work with Oregano, as that's what I used to test it (well, the company copy anyway). It also works on Fresco, and should be fine on WebsterXL although I have an out-of-date copy. Obviously all the major PC (etc.) browsers also seem to work.

The problem with Oregano is that it /sometimes/ loses the cookie data after a few days, even though it's stored in a file (it almost never saves usernames and passwords to HTTP authentification properly either). It seems to be generally okay though.

Obviously if your computer crashes or is somehow switched off without a proper shutdown that saves Oregano's cookie data, or your Oregano settings are locked to prevent updates to the cookies file, you won't be able to assume that Oregano will stay logged in on subsequent visits; however, as the cookie is stored in memory when Oregano is running, it should work fine as soon as you log in.

YMMV, of course. If you're using another browser with cookies disabled, then no, you won't be able to log in.
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Guest Message #89797, posted at 09:47, 16/1/2002, in reply to message #89796
Unregistered user Have you considered using metadata in the URI? Either as another parameter, or as a rewrite Amazon-style.
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Richard Goodwin Message #89798, posted at 10:30, 16/1/2002, in reply to message #89797
Unregistered user You'd have to re-write every URL on the site on the fly, possibly including reader-entered ones in the forum (if they link to an article, but not if they don't). It'd be a nightmare - one that cookies were designed to do away with. I've tried both methods on sites, and much prefer the ease cookie usage brings, especially if you've got a site with guest authors (section, article or forum).

My experience is that cookies keep you logged in for as long as you need (across one visit, across sessions, across days and weeks), so it's sad if other people are having problems but what we really need is a browser that works properly with what is after all a very standard way of doing things.

And anyway, Amazon still uses cookies as well as URL data :)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: January bits