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999ukp RISCBooks and RISCube 64!

There's a lot happening in the land of RISCBooks and RISCubes, as
the Guildford show this weekend heralds the launch of our Autumn 
range of new machines and prices...


First up we have the new 999ukp (inc VAT!) RISCBook, with an amazing
spec for the price - Centrino-based (for high performance) - like all
RISCBooks, this model ships with a 1.5Ghz cpu, 256Mb RAM, 40Gb hard
disc, 15" screen, RISC OS 4 and WindowsXP Home.  A Combo CD writer
and DVD player is also present.  We will have stock of these at the
show - first come, first served.  Please note that delivery will be
charged on machines shipped after the show -  if you don't take 
one away with you!

The RISCBook+ SE is back - Widescreen display, and enhanced audio,
but for 1199ukp inc VAT.  It features 15.4" widescreen display
(1280x800 resolution), 1.5Ghz CPU, RO4, 512Mb of RAM, a media card
reader, parallel, RISC OS 4, WindowsXP Home and all sorts of other

Finally the RISCBook+ has a revamped specification - 15" display
driven by ATI's impressive Radeon Mobility 9700 graphics chip,
512Mb RAM, 60Gb hard drive, RISC OS Adjust, Windows XP Pro, and
a DVD +-R/RW drive, plus all manner of extra features.  Price
is 1325ukp inc.

All of these represent significant savings (as much as 200+ukp
off!) and enhanced specifications compared to previous models.

Battery life on all models is around 4 hours.

For information about the benefits of centrino technology, and
the high performance it offers for RISC OS users, visit our
website (new range will be on there next week - it's a little
hectic here just now!)

Introducing the RISCube64

AMD's Athlon64 CPU's have received many accolades, in both the 
press and enthusiast circles, for their superb performance.
Having tested these running RISC OS for some months, we
can testify to their speed and reliability.

It comes as no surprise then, that now Shuttle (our chassis
supplier, and market leader in small form factor machines)
has produced an Athlon64 chassis with floppy drive support,
we are keen to deliver the RISCube64.

First up, we have the RISCube64 - priced at 999ukp inc VAT,
this includes an Athlon64 3200+, 512Mb RAM, 120Gb ultra high
speed hard drive, CDRW/DVD drive, RISC OS 4, WindowsXP Home
and more.  The Athlon64 3200+ generally outperforms the AthlonXP
3200+ used in the older RISCube Ultra, although the Ultra remains 
available as it has some features (eg. 1Gb RAM) that users
may prefer.

Finally there's the RISCube64 Ultra.  The "dream machine" - 
1299ukp's worth of RISC OS and Windows computing horsepower -
Athlon64 3500+, 1Gb of dual-channel memory, 120Gb ultra high
speed hard drive, gorgeous new chassis with stealthed drive bays,
RISC OS Adjust, DVD writer, Windows XP Home and more.

Come check it all out at the Guildford show this weekend, or
phone us for more information.

To close, a little "tech humour"... The RISCube 64 - a 64bit
capable machine, which can run 32bit RISC OS and Windows applications,
as well as 26bit RISC OS 3 & 4 apps, the odd 16bit Windows app, and
even 8bit BBC basic software!  Now *that's* a computer ;-)

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