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Major new Messenger Pro release - 3.21 with new email editor

We are pleased to announce that a major new version of Messenger Pro 3 
has been sent out to registered users featuring what is perhaps the 
single biggest change/enhancement to the software since Messenger Pro 
was first released back in the last century!

Messenger Pro 3.21 includes a brand new, extensively featured 
email/news message editor, integrated into the program, massively 
simplifying the process of writing and sending messages.  However, 
what is special is that although the editor is integrated into 
Messenger Pro, it offers many features that even dedicated editors do 
not, making it a very powerful tool for the creation of emails.

Some of the features include: - understanding of levels of quoted 
email (coloured appropriately) and the ability to wrap them 
intelligently; full wrapping of paragraphs in conformance with email 
standards; signature editor allowing users to pick quickly which 
signature is used for the email; check-as-you-type spell-checking, as 
well as check word, check from cursor, check whole message etc; list 
handling and auto-indentation; ability to join/wrap paragraphs;  full 
search/replace including wildcards etc; join/wrap lines and paragraphs 
to cope with badly formatted emails you may have been sent; ability to 
choose between proportional or monospaced fonts (so that you can edit 
messages with whatever typeface you find most pleasing), and have the 
software wrap/display appropriately...

The software supports global clipboard and drag and drop for easy 
transfer of information to/from other applications, and allows access 
to all the usual mail sending features of Messenger Pro in one place.

The new editor also tackles some of the bad-netiquette mistakes that 
many new users fall foul of - it visually indicates where the user 
should type their message (to avoid top-posting) and also explains the 
distinction between message body and signature.

Andrew Rawnsley of R-Comp commented on the new version - "This has 
been something we have been looking at for Messenger Pro for a long 
time, but given the power of external editors such as Zap and 
StrongEd, we were conscious that we needed something special, if it 
was to be worth doing.  I believe that's what we've got, and I have 
switched to it completely - I hadn't expected to be able to say that 
six months ago!  I'm very pleased with this new feature, which for 
most users will be the most significant update we've ever released - 
it is something that everyone from the newest user to the most 
experienced can benefit."

(The old way of doing things is still available as an option for the 
small number of users who prefer to avoid change).

It is not just R-Comp who are enthused - the positive emails received 
so far from users need no further introduction...

"This new version of Messenger Pro is just great!  It really knocks
spots off anything else I have ever used before."

"Quite brilliant.  Many thanks"

"Nice editor, great improvement, thanks"

"Thanks again for a really good product"

"A new email editor WOW!  Many thanks."

"Thanks for this, it's really good"

to quote a few.

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