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The latest news from VirtualAcorn


VirtualAcorn are delighted to announce that a new version
of VirtualRPC will shortly be released. VirtualRPC-Adjust will
include RISC OS 4.39, also known as RISC OS Adjust.

VirtualRPC is the software implementation of a RiscPC that
allows RISC OS, which is designed for ARM processors, to
run on Windows 2000 or XP, using x86 processors.

RISC OS Adjust is the most feature rich version of RISC OS
to date and includes a vast number of improvements over RISC OS
4.03. Paul Middleton, MD of RISCOS Ltd had this to say about
RISC OS Adjust:

"The development work that the RISCOS Ltd team
has put into RISC OS over the past five years is now being
enjoyed by an ever increasing number of users. We are seeing a
large number of new RISC OS users purchasing VirtualAcorn
products and it is fitting that they are now able to enjoy
the very latest version of RISC OS."

VirtualRPC-Adjust will retail at exactly the same price as
the current VirtualRPC-SE, 169 including VAT (plus p&p) and
users will be able to see VirtualRPC-Adjust on a wide range of
computers from a number of leading suppliers at the Wakefield
2004 show.

Andrew Rawnsley of R-Comp, who supply the RISCCube and RISCBook
computers said:

"We are pleased that our latest machines will now
ship with the most up to date operating system to give RISC OS users
not only high performance but also a feature packed computing

Stuart Tyrrell of Advantage6 who produce the A6 computer added:

"It's fantastic to see RISC OS moving forward with all it's extra
functionality and we are pleased that we are able to make this available
as standard on the A6 series."

Chris Evans of CJE Micros, who supply a range of VirtualRPC
laptops said:

"The release of VirtualRPC with Adjust is a
great step forward in the progress of RISC OS, we look
forward to offering our Clevo range of laptops with this new
and exciting version of RISC OS."

David Atkins of MicroDigital, suppliers of the Alpha range of 
laptops also went on to add: 

"We were delighted to a hear that VirtualAcorn had secured RISC OS
Adjust, it's a great operating system and represents a huge step
forward for RISC OS."

More details are available from http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk

VirtualRPC-SE - now under 100 (ex VAT)

With the forthcoming launch of VirtualRPC-Adjust we have decided
to slash the price of VirtualRPC-SE from 169.00 inc VAT to 117.00
inc VAT (99.57 exc VAT). This new sub 100 price will allow more users
to experience a modern version of RISC OS on their Windows PCs.

VirtualRPC-SE will also benefit from a number of upgrades including
support for new versions of NetSurf, as well as support for WebJames
and WebServe. An upgrade for existing VirtualRPC-SE users will be
available shortly.


With the new low price on VirtualRPC-SE VirtualAcorn have decided
to cease supply of VirtualA5000 effective immediately. VirtualA5000
has been available for nearly 2 and a half years and has been a
massive success with thousands of copies supplied. We will continue
to offer technical support for the foreseeable future.

Aaron (VirtualAcorn)