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Castle Springs Ahead with a Fantastic LCD Offer


Castle announces today the immediate availability of its fantastic LCD offer. Save up to 50% on the price of selected LCD monitors, when bought with an IYONIX or X100 pc. This special offer means that if you buy an IYONIX or an X100 pc before the end of May 2004 Castle will slash 165 off the retail cost of any special offer LCD monitor purchased with an IYONIX or X100 pc. Castle also announces that the top end IYONIX and X100 pcs will feature a built-in floppy disc drive and a 7-in-1 single card reader at no extra charge. In addition the memory installed in the mid range IYONIX and X100 pc models has been doubled to 256MB of 200MHz DDR RAM. Flat panel LCD monitors have been created to maximise computing space. Using less than half the space and power requirements of a CRT, they dramatically reduce energy costs and contribute towards a cooler working environment. The flicker free nature of LCD technology promotes increased productivity by reducing eye strain and increasing user comfort. The following LCD monitors are included in the offer: 17" LCD (1280 x 1024) Was ukp 329 NOW ukp 164 18" LCD Dual Input Was ukp 535 NOW ukp 369 20" LCD (1600 x 1200) Was ukp 779 NOW ukp 614 21" LCD Dual Input Was ukp1149 Now ukp 984 Full details are available at: http://www.iyonix.com The IYONIX and X100 pc range of RISC OS computers from Castle feature XScale processor technology with ultra fast 200MHz DDR RAM, UDMA100 hard drives, Gigabit networking, PC style graphics card, USB connectivity, full software suite etc. The IYONIX pc is able to display a wide range of screen resolutions, up to 2048 x 1536 pixels and benefits from virtually silent operation due to the low power XScale processor. The top-of-the-range IYONIX pc features a massive 512MB of RAM, 120GB hard drive and a 52 speed CD re-writer. The NEW X100 pc is a desktop version of the IYONIX pc. Both of these RISC OS computers are available from just 1249 plus delivery. The IYONIX pc, the world's first XScale desktop computer, is available for immediate delivery. Castle Technology Ltd Ore Trading Estate Woodbridge Road Framlingham Suffolk IP13 9LL Tel 01728 723200 Fax 01728 727427 web http://www.iyonix.com email sales@iyonix.com Issued by Mike Williams on behalf of Castle Technology Ltd.