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Castle reveals future plans for RISC OS

18th May 2004


Castle today publishes details for the continuing development of RISC
OS (codename Merlin). Castle's plans include a 6 week period of open
consultation with the RISC OS community to assist Castle's management
in allocating development resources through its internal Green Paper.

Castle states that it is committed to the development of core RISC OS
and desktop extensions. Developments to RISC OS have been allocated
under the following headings:

Development tools for all operating systems are of key importance and
Castle realises that keeping the RISC OS C/C++ development suite
up-to-date is essential. Castle has recently announced major
improvements to its C/C++ development suite for RISC OS, which will
include support for new features such as "inline assembler" and
"packed structure support". In the future, further new features such
as "instruction scheduling" are also planned.

Castle will continue with core RISC OS software developments to ensure
that RISC OS is as up-to-date as possible. Recent development work has
focussed on paid-for development work for RISC OS licensees, this
includes support for further ARM cores and specific product
development. This commercially rewarding work has the highest priority.

3. DESKTOP EXTENSIONS (codename Merlin)
Castle will also continue to extend the RISC OS desktop with features
under the broad headings that include:
   Filer Enhancements
   Extended Configuration
   Extended Graphics/Display Capabilities
   Extended Network Services
   USB Performance and Connectivity
   Audio Input
   WIMP Enhancements
   ROM Applications Enhancements
   Bug Fixes

This list is non exclusive and other appropriate headings may be added
as required.

Merlin will be implemented by creating new or developing existing
32-bit modules. To help ensure complete coverage, Castle will trigger
a 6 week consultation procedure with RISC OS users. Following this
consultation period Castle will consider the results. The conclusion
will be a commitment to a Phased release of enhanced Desktop
Extensions. This work will have a high priority within Castle and it
is intended that IYONIX pc users will see the continuation of
developments with the regular release of Desktop Packs. Many of the
upgrades will be FREE to IYONIX pc users, but Castle reserves the
right to implement a charging structure for some features.

Full details are available at:

Castle manufactures the IYONIX and X100 pc range of RISC OS computers.
They feature XScale processor technology with ultra fast 200MHz DDR
RAM, PCI expansion, UDMA100 hard drives, Gigabit networking, PC style
graphics card, USB connectivity, full software suite etc. The IYONIX
pc is able to display a wide range of screen resolutions, up to 2048 x
1536 pixels and benefits from virtually silent operation due to the
low power XScale processor. The top-of-the-range IYONIX pc features a
massive 512MB of RAM, 120GB hard drive and a 52 speed CD re-writer.
Both of these RISC OS computers are available from just 1249 plus

The IYONIX pc, was the world's first XScale desktop computer, and is
available now for immediate delivery.

Castle Technology Ltd
Ore Trading Estate
Woodbridge Road
IP13 9LL

Tel 01728 723200
Fax 01728 727427

web http://www.iyonix.com
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