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Partis Computing announces Free Backup

Partis Computing announces Free Backup

For immediate release.

Partis Computing are pleased to announce a completely free online backup 

What we offer is both free and reliable - you send us your data and we 
will archive it, for free!

To backup your data, simply email it to vault@freebackup.net and it will 
be archived. Shortly afterwards a responding email will be sent back to 
you (generally within 3 minutes), with a simple Internet link (URL) to 
restore said data again!

Being Internet based, this system has no ties with any Operating System 
(OS), thus is fully compatible with Windows, Unix (and all variants), 
MacOS, RiscOS, AmigaOS, BeOS plus countless others including embedded 
systems! So long as the platform has the ability to send emails, it can 
backup data.

Further details may be found at http://www.freebackup.net

About Partis Computing

Partis Computing are renowned for their experience in data storage in 
the RISC OS market; designing hardware and software to cover SCSI to 
IDE, hard disks to tape streamers, plus CompactFLASH and SmartMedia 
solid state media. Partis Computing also specialise in designing 
embedded control systems and ASICs (custom chips).

Partis Computing
Holystone Cottage
Tyne & Wear
NE27 0BZ

Fax: 0870 131 8471
Email: sales@partis.co.uk
Web: http://www.partis.co.uk/