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Spellings.net at Wakefield 2005

As always, we will be attending this years Wakefield show. This is the
10th Wakefield show, and also our 10th Wakefield show so we've made some
very special offers available!

New releases

At the show we will be officially releasing Geminus (rotation and
multi-screen driver) and DeskDebug (multi-tasking debugger).

Geminus is our graphics enhancement software. Geminus is modular, and we
will be adding more features over time. The first two features (IYONIX
pc screen rotation and multi-monitor support) will be available to
purchase either at the show, or online after the show.

We are also offering free copies of Geminus with selected LCD monitors
purchased at the show.

IYONIX pc graphics cards will also be available to purchase on the stand
at 50+vat for those wishing to take advantage of the multi-monitor support.

Geminus (screen rotation) is 10UKP+vat
Geminus (multi-monitor) is 25UKP+vat

or the above two may be combined if required.

The first fully muti-tasking RISC OS debugger will be released at the
show. Over 5 years of development have gone into this highly tuned
application. For the first time you can properly step through re-draw
loops without bringing the desktop to a standstill.

DeskDebug is also our first non-IYONIX release, supporting RISC OS 3.6
through to RISC OS 5.

DeskDebug is 50UKP+vat and is supplied with both English and German
online manuals.

32-bit ports
We will be offering CD's contining 32-bit versions of Jonathan Martin's
excellent DrawPlus, Vector (now renamed OpenVector) and GridPro (now
renamed OpenGridPro) software. CD's will be 10 and will include a
Vector printed manual (also supplied on the CD as PDF)

Existing software
We will of course be demonstrating Aemulor and Aemulor Pro running
popular 26-bit software on the IYONIX pc (e.g. Impression, Sibelious
etc) and also showing the latest developments on Cino, our DVD player

New website
The show will also see the launch of our new combined retail store -
buyit.spellings.net offering all our software available in one place for
instant download.

A sister site, tryit.spellings.net will also be released offering just
the free demo versions of our software.

All Aemulor/Pro users have been migrated across into the new store to
save duplication of account names and passwords, and to allow continued
online management of your software and updates.

Alongside our software catalogue, we will be offering a range of
hardware to accompany our software range. Initially these will be an
extensive range of hard disc drives, LCD monitors, DVD drives and USB
storage but we'll be looking to expand this range over time.

We have set our hardware prices to be *very* competative - even compared
to some of the large online PC retailers. The days of RISC OS users
paying a premium for standard hardware components is over!

We've reduced some of our LCD Monitor prices by upto 60 compared to the
last RISC OS show and introduced more lower-spec screens for those on a
tighter budget.

Domain and hosting special offers
To celebrate our 10th year in business, and the fact its the 10th
Wakefield Show, we are running a very special show offer.

We will be offering .uk domain registrations at 50% of their regular
price making them only 5 per year!

We will also be offering double disc space on all web hosting purchased
at the show (pay for 5Mb, get 10Mb etc) alongside our existing May
anniversary offer of a free POP3 mailbox with every domain registered -
thats three offers in one! This combination will *only* be available to
show visitors, not online.

Please remember that if you are purchasing any of our software at the
show, you *will* need your machine ID. A utility to read your machine ID
can be found at http://buyit.spellings.net/rmac.zip

We are always on the lookout for exciting new RISC OS software, so any
budding programmers with an idea or software they are writing please
stop by the stand to discuss it with us!

We look forward to the 10th Wakefield show being the best so far! See
you there!

The spellings.net team