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A6 now shipping with VVRAM technology

A6 now shipping with VVRAM technology

Advantage Six are pleased to announce the addition of Virtual VRAM
(VVRAM) technology to their A6 series of RISC OS computers.

VVRAM allows users access to the enhanced screenmodes available to the
A6's Geforce4 graphics controller, giving large true colour RISC OS
desktop operation. Sixteen million colour screens at 1600x1200 and
beyond, coupled with the performance associated with the high memory and
disk bandwidths of the machine make DTP and graphics processing a dream.

VVRAM is available on the A6 with immediate effect. All A6 machines
shipped by Stuart Tyrrell Developments from 10th December 2003 will be
VVRAM enabled. Upgrades will be made available to existing customers in
due course.

About the A6

The A6 is a new generation of RISC OS machine, designed from the
ground-up to complement VirtualRPC-SE emulation technology, and presents
a familiar RISC OS environment in a machine little larger than a stack
of A4 paper.

The machine is capable of running both RISC OS and Windows applications,
and users can expect day-to-day RISC OS performance which exceeds the
fastest traditional StrongARM machines.

The A6 starts at just UKP599+VAT, and is available from Stuart Tyrrell
Developments. Further details may be found at http://www.thea6.com


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