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Thermal Dye Photo Printing from Stuart Tyrrell Developments

Embargo until Friday 27th February 2004.

Thermal Dye Photo Printing from Stuart Tyrrell Developments 

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce the availability of
a 6"x4" format photo printer for use with RISC OS machines.

The Kodak Printer Dock 6000 employs a continuous tone thermal dye
transfer technique to produce extremely high quality edge-to-edge prints
on specialised card, beyond those available from traditional inkjet
technology. It may be used with any Kodak 6000 series camera, or
directly attached to the USB port of a RISC OS machine.

The printer is supplied complete with a starter pack of media (card and
dye), mains adaptor, and drivers for Windows and RISC OS computers. The
RISC OS drivers are suitable for both the Castle Iyonix USB and Simtec
USB interfaces.

The bundle can be seen as part of the Jack Lillingston's IYONIX talk at
the RISC OS South West show this weekend. It will also be on
demonstration on the Castle stand.

A stand-alone version for VirtualRPC-SE machines such as the A6 will be
available shortly.

The Kodak Printer Dock 6000 Thermal Dye printer is available including
RISC OS drivers exclusively from  Stuart Tyrrell Developments for UKP199
inc VAT and carriage.

RISC OS drivers are available alone for UKP19 inc VAT and carriage.

Further details may be found at http://www.stdevel.com/easydock.html


Stuart Tyrrell Developments
PO Box 183
Tel: 0845 458 8803 / 01706 848 600
Fax: 0870 164 1604
Email: info@stdevel.co.uk
www: http://www.stdevel.co.uk

Stuart Tyrrell Developments is a trading name of Advantage Six Ltd.