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Stuart Tyrrell Developments announce UniPod trade-in options

Stuart Tyrrell Developments announce UniPod trade-in options

To celebrate the launch of UniPod - "the only RiscPC podule you'll ever
need"(tm), Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce an
exciting trade-in scheme.

UniPod is a complete podule which provides 32-bit USB, NET100 and IDE
functionality in a single card, along with the option of a 2nd parallel
port and an enhanced econet-compatible expansion port.

Customers may purchase a card with one or more functions enabled, and
can purchase further functions as required.

How the scheme works:

We will trade-in your existing *working* podules for functionality of
the same type, increasing the effectiveness of your UniPod completely
free of charge.

For example:

You have a 2-slot backplane with a ViewFinder and an IDE card. You wish
to add 32-bit USB functionality, but normally would have no space to add
another podule without buying another slice and backplane.

Purchase a 32-bit USB UniPod at UKP99inc.

Promise to return your IDE card and we will upgrade your UniPod to add
32-bit IDE functionality. Replace your IDE card with UniPod (32-bit
USB/IDE). Don't forget to return your old IDE card to us!

Of course this does not stop you later adding 32-bit NET100
functionality for only UKP25inc.

Upgrades may simply be performed by customers without needing to return
UniPod to us.

Terms and conditions:

We will accept the following cards for trade-in:

USB Cards: *Any* working USB card suitable for use in the RiscPC.
IDE Cards: *Any* working IDE card suitable for use in the RiscPC.
Network cards: *Any* working Network Card or NIC suitable for use in the

All trade-in cards must be fully functional, and complete with all
software and manuals as necessary. They must be sent to us by recorded
or registered mail at the customer's cost and risk, to be received
within seven days. All returned cards become the property of Stuart
Tyrrell Developments upon the issue of permanent function upgrade.
Trade-ins will only be accepted by prior arrangement - unsolicited
returns will be rejected.

We will accept a maximum of two trade-in cards per UniPod, as this
results in a "fully-loaded" UniPod. Upgrades are not transferrable and
will only enable the functions of a specified UniPod. The offer excludes
the minimum initial purchase of a UniPod with one function enabled.

We will unlock "like for like" functionality only (eg you must trade-in
a USB card in order to receive a 32-bit USB upgrade to UniPod).

This offer is available for a limited time. We will endeavour to give
advanced warning in the RISC OS press of the end date of the offer,
subject to the term below.

This offer is made in good faith, but we reserve the right to modify or
revoke the terms of this offer without notice if necessary.

For further details see http://www.stdevel.com/unipod.html

About Stuart Tyrrell Developments

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are renowned for their innovative hardware
and software for RISC OS and  other markets. With a core business
stretching from Special Needs, through Consultancy to retail and custom
items for RISC OS machines, they have the flexibility to offer novel

Stuart Tyrrell Developments is a trading name of Advantage Six Ltd.

Stuart Tyrrell Developments
PO Box 183

Tel: 0845 458 8803 / 01706 848 600
Fax: 0870 164 1604
Email: info@stdevel.co.uk
Web: http://www.stdevel.co.uk/

Stuart Tyrrell
Stuart Tyrrell Developments
A Trading Name of Advantage Six Ltd
Sponsors of the Small Developers Village at Wakefield 2004